This is a Nearly FML. It’s an FML, nearly. It got positive votes from the users, by wasn’t approved by our team.
By Anonymous - / Thursday 27 April 2017 16:00 /
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  species4872  |  19

Just because his parents are irresponsible doesn't mean he has to be.

By  saberjpg  |  3

Here's a tip: Never go out to a bar to celebrate your birthday with your parents. That's why they have restaurants. Your friends are the ones you want to go to the bar with. You will have a lot more fun, and have a lot more fun stories to share about your legen..wait for it...dary 21st birthday party!

By  jbuckets_404  |  34

Your parents couldn't take turns buying you a drink inside with the other one outside watching Jr?! :-(
PS In Wisconsin, USA, minors are allowed inside bars with a parent/ guardian! :-)

By  Lobby_Bee  |  16

You can go celebrate with your friends at another time. They'll give you a night you'll never forget, but you won't remember anything about it the next morning. Lol

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