By Sirah90 - 07/05/2013 07:29 - United States

Today, my nose started running while in bed with my boyfriend. I kept trying to wipe it off with my arm to avoid ruining the moment. My boyfriend then looks up at me in horror. Turns out it wasn't mucus; it was blood. And it was all over his neck, his shirt, and his silk sheets. FML
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He's that good huh?

Never has a tissue been so desired.


Never has a tissue been so desired.

Is it just me or does anybody else think she should get that checked out. I don't know about you but I don't start copiously bleeding at random times like that.

I often bleed randomly. It's not as uncommon as you might think but maybe OP should get it checked out.

I occasionally get random and pretty profuse nosebleeds (maybe once a year). It's surprisingly common. My last one happened just before a surprise quiz in one of my A-Level classes and stopped just after the quiz finished. :D

Can be as little as pressure changes that set some people off.

SynysterNero 20

If she has bad allergies then an occasional nose bleed from irritation would be common.

kittycat1597 10

Random nose bleeds seem to happen to me when the air is too dry

We should all start a random nosebleed gang.

In Japan it is believed that when you're turned on your nose bleeds.

I get random nosebleeds all the time. Doesn't take much. A change in temp or humidity and I'm suddenly bleeding everywhere. It sucks, but medically theres nothing wrong with me.

He's that good huh?

Did she happen to say, "Bloody hell." When she woke up?

*he really nose how to get her wet.

Let's just get something straight. You said that you thought it was snot, but you still didn't hesitate to wipe it ON HIS NECK AND SHEETS? Gross. (side note: who even has silk sheets apart from pimps and "ladies' men"?)

bootytoo 14

102 she wiped it on her arm not his neck and sheets.

Really bootytoo? Because she later said that it was all over his neck and sheets. Which leads me to wonder how it got there? I mean, theres only so many places your forearm can reach

challan 19

How much snot did you think you were producing? The blood is bad, but I think he would have been even more grossed out being slimed like that. Invest in tissues OP.

Hell, blood even smell and feels different.

challan 19

If that much was coming out, she couldn't smell anything.

#43, not always. I use to get random nosebleeds, and on a few occasions I've been in bed and whipped my hand across my nose only to find I'd bled over my pillow. If the OP gets frequent nosebleeds they might not notice the smell.

Life happens. If he cares, it won't mean a thing in the long run, and will help clean up and take care of you.

JFloUnknown 24

Still a better blood story than twilight.

AHappyGoth 14

I'm GUSHING that must have killed the moment anyway. Anyone? No? Okay. . .

AHappyGoth 14

#12 That was kind of the point of the lame pun.

#16, you overdid the lame pun. You're not getting thumbed down because people didn't get it, you're getting thumbed down because it wasn't funny.

Turn off your phone or computer, and eat a Snickers. You try to make bad jokes when your hungry.

grahmagog 14

Moment ruined i guess?

Unless the boyfriend is secretly a vampire, yes the moment was ruined...

Or a mosquito… or a leech…

Or a hematomaniac..............

cmb8280 24

Nice word!!

mhe, it washes off, save for the sheets, which are easy enough to replace... sorry bout the lost moment though, damn good mood-killer right there.

Silk sheets... Might be easy to replace, but they can get expensive.

True, but that's a risk you take when you buy anything expensive.

lets the just say blood doesn't always wash off ..sometimes it leaves a permanent stain D:

"Oxi-Clean! It gets the touch stains out!!" - Billy Mays

sleepRX 16

and Billy definitely knew a thing or two about bloody noses...

... and that's how people end up starting to sniff OxyContin.

It's ironic that you say that, 57, cuz I was cleaning out an apartment unit that my dad owns in which the former tenants were users and dealers, and I found at least a dozen bottles full of OxyContin. Pretty crazy if you ask me lol

That story would be so much better if someone actually cared.

ZeeBest86 6

your nose got its period..

This is exactly why I hate being hemophobic.

monnanon 13

do you mean heamophobic as in you are scared of blood?

Yes, there are a few variations of that word and how it's spelled, and in my case we spell it like how I put above

perdix 29

#28, sometimes I wish there was a Google. Poof! Wow, look there it is! It's nice when I get my wishes.

RedPillSucks 31

Could be worse. Try hemophiliac

perdix 29

#66, wouldn't that be someone who loves blood? Hey, maybe I'll check that Google thing I wished for. While I'm gone, talk amongst yourselves.

a hemophiliac is when they can bleed to death from a small wound because their blood won't clot.

perdix 29

#78, thanks, but I already knew that without even Googling it. It's just funny that when you think of it alongside the word "hemophobia" ("haemophobia"), it appears like someone who really loves blood.