By 12MONTHLEASE - United States
  Today, my new upstairs neighbors moved in. Within ten minutes of getting in the door they were screaming and arguing about everything, practically handing out death threats to each other. I then heard them having even louder makeup sex for about three hours afterwards. FML
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  RandKP  |  21

#25 . In the USA, in every state, threatening someone one with bodily harm is a crime. In addition yelling like that to the point it disturbs other people is call "disturbing the peace" also a crime. Those two facts are what screams "call the cops" to any rational person.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

The orgasm after sex that long is absolutely fucking mind- and body-numbingly gorgeous. You are basically lying there like a freshly tranquilized opossum writhing in heavenly bliss.

The sleep after is the best rest in the universe.