By dumb - United States
Today, my new subletter moved in. Within 6 hours one of my cats took a dump on her pants. I freaked out, lit some candles to hide the smell and threw her pants in the washer. When the cycle was done I found her cell phone at the bottom of the washing machine. FML
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  shanemaximo  |  7

A subletter is someone who rents a living space (i.e. bedroom or full domicile) from a party or individual who is in turn renting it from another party or individual. You are a subletter if you are renting from a renter.

By  SiLveRStaRLIGHT  |  0

That sucks. It's not entirely your fault though, since most people actually have their cell phones on them instead of in a pair of pants they're not wearing...

If you just explain it nicely... It could be like an icebreaker! And a really funny story later.