By Anonymous - / Thursday 30 May 2013 20:25 / United Kingdom - London
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  Welshite  |  39

Good god, specify which clothes next time. It took five seconds for me to realize you meant the dog costume.

I mean, I walk my dog naked, but my neighbors are used to my eccentricities.

  vencku  |  13

24 - My mum made me take her poodle [...] which she had dressed in [...].

There's not really that much room for confusion here, unlike in your example.

By  lissa_jade  |  22

at least she didn't make you match outfits with the dog. although I think we would've enjoyed the fml more if she had.

By  goolia  |  10

Hey now, work that poodle, strut your stuff! Although, you could've just taken its dress and tiara off if you felt that uncomfortable with walking it while wearing that.

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