By SoupCanoe - United Kingdom
Today, my mum gave me half-raw chicken for dinner. After she refused to cook it again, I threw it away saying that I didn't want to get salmonella. She told to be more grateful, and that I was an idiot for trying to use salmonella as an excuse because 'it's chicken, not salmon'. FML
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  Daralea  |  21

Agree with #95 and everyone replying to #2.
Food is food and most people have to work hard for it. If it is uncooked shove it back in the stove/microwave. lazy nut.

By  aznbeauty250  |  0

Why didnt you just re-cook it yourself? If your old enough to write up this fml then your probably old enough to cook all by yourself instead of wasting food that other people dont have. Your mom is right, you should be more grateful.


Oh waaah. I try not to waste food because I don't want to waste my money, not because there are starving children in Africa. Whether you eat what's on your plate or not, it has NO effect on other hungry people.

  aFatFuck  |  0

Yes, there is enough food for everyone in the world, the problem is distribution. People are starving in Africa (and everywhere else) because we can't get food to them. Also if we all buy less then there is less demand and they will produce less, which means we wouldn't have to stuff 1,000 chickens, pigs, or cattle into a barn so close together they can't move.

  taradeborde87  |  3

#11, people like you piss me off. Why couldn't he recook it himself?! He'd rather throw it away (and probably have his mom then make something else for him) instead of growing the fuck up and fixing it himself. Pathetic. It's nice that she made it for him in the first place.