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Today, my mother thought it would be funny to sneak into my room at night and scream like a demon after I had explained to her how scared I was of the exorcist movie I had just seen. She claims it wasn't her. FML
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A pastor told me that when we watch scary movies sometimes those things get invited in. long story short i watched the grudge 3 and saw the creepy pale lady in my dream (or was it a dream!?) face to face sucking my breath soon after! Yes I am indeed scared for life.

  ironichalibut  |  24

Dreams are a subconscious, psychological thing. Your brain uses that time to sort through and organize all the data it records throughout the day. That's why people often dream about things that happen before bed, or things they are worried about.

  ptoka  |  20

59, I was a science major in college and I have to say let everyone have their own opinion. Why are you suddenly so fucking smart to tell people who or what to believe?

  Welshite  |  39

#16: Haven't you ever watched competitive TV shows when they announce the winner? The pauses before the final result is revealed are comical in length.

  jsp16  |  24

Let me explain Granny Hag. There is a myth in town, saying that if you're in sleep paralysis, its actually an old lady supposedly holding you down. Her name is granny hag. God I hate my town sometimes.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

In my life time of countless revenge schemes, this is not one I'd follow. If someone were to dookie in my sheets, I'd beat them to a pulp. You do not deuce in someone else's bed! That's thee worst thing I've ever heard of. Prank war or not, that's too far.