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Silly mothers! everyone knows dogs only speak french

Error 404: Pun not found


well...what did the talk about?

Error 404: Pun not found

I don't think he was trying for pun.. If he did he would have said "what did they bark about?" or something like that.

I recommend you invest in a dictionary #12

plot twist- dog is the name of her vibrator

What really matters is that OPs mom needs mental help

Silly mothers! everyone knows dogs only speak french

Oh, I thought it was Spanish! No wonder my dog wouldn't understand me!

They write in German, you know.

I'm sorry OP that sounds like a ruff situation

Being locked out of the house is definitely something to bark about

And you have the best comment ever

If only my fiancée was as easy to please as you, 36.

Poor dog must be having a ruff time

He wanted the bitch all to him self.

Not sure if you mean the dog or the mother's her home, and I'm guessing you're never giving her any time in the house by herself. People need alone time sometimes, especially in their own home. Get a job, find a friend to do things with, or just go down to the dock and watch the boats for a while. I've had roommates who never, ever give me any time to myself in my own home, and it makes me crazy.

The escalated quickly

Off topic, but if they're your roommates and contribute to household finances wouldn't it be their home too...?

Yeah but... Being OP's mother, you can't really just kick out your child to have some time to yourself. I understand it's her house, but it's also the house OP is and was raised in. And just leaving your child outside because you wanted time to yourself doesn't really have much of a good ring to it

Peanut butter talk?

If you ain't talkin peanut butter I don't wanna talk.

Time for some counselling and some priorities to be straightened out.

and i thought dog was mans best friend.