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  Today, my mother came into my room and had a thirty minute long conversation with me. She kept looking very nervous and uncomfortable. Only after she left did I realize that a porn site was open on my computer screen. The entire time. FML
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  ZealIFeel  |  7

Find a large rock and crawl under it until you can think of a legitimate health concern to explain it all. If not possible, just remember eye contact never solved anything.


Yeah, why would she stay and talk for 30 minutes!? That is legit my worst nightmare (other than dying in a fiery plane crash, being stabbed to death while sleeping, getting butt raped, etc.) I can't even imagine how awkward that is for you. One time I closed a tab with porn on it but didn't close the dad got on it and used the browser..seeing in the 'recently closed' tab was 'pornhub'....I almost died.

By  erin1994  |  9

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  killtin  |  2

Damnit I thumbs downed 16.............psych

By  ryukk_fml  |  3

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  Daralea  |  21

Or open up a word document and start typing "The effect of repeated pornographic imagery on heart rate: an investigation into the desensitization of the sympathetic nervous system" and then put your student number in the corner. Someone's thesis just got fun!