By Kate - 04/07/2011 19:06 - United States

Today, my mom said we are having a party for the 4th of July. Her definition of a party is my grandma coming over. FML
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JustinThunder 8

Maybe your grandma can throw one hell of a party.

YEAH! Break out the oxygen tanks and digest cookies!


iEatGuppies 0

no one cares your first, get a life!

blanquito 1

you can be first to lick my butthole. no homo.

blanquito 1

you can be first to lick my butthole. no homo.

Gross2332 0

Dang Grandma know's what's up unlike u OP since you aren't enjoying yourself

Gross2332 0

FYL 108

footballfreak65 6

haha that sucks

If the party doesn't start until OP's grandma walks in, then OP's grandma should stop partying with minors

Lauren10102 3

Who knows, maybe he'll get lucky? Holy crap I can't believe I just thought that... this is my apology to all.

p-p-p-party doesn't start til grandma walks innnn

Did she brink vodka and thongs for the females? If so, tell me where you live.

have a merry christmas, happy new year, happy birthday, and all those others. at least you will still get to "party" at her funeral

Sounds to me like Grandmas got it goin on

Sounds to me that your grandma is not nearly as badass as my grandma is

AbuelaGrande 0

Im back Bitchas !!!

WTF are you talking bout, the gramma is where da partyy is. see da gramma has so much partyy I had to use two y's

yummycupkake 0

grandmas Rollin like a big shot ;D

KingGeorgeGal 12

WOOOOO!(: Atleast you don't have to share the alcohol with anyone but them!

pinkpolarbear 8

Only sucks when she forgets its not the 60's anymore and breaks out the disco ball an rollerblades and yells "DISCO ROLLERBLADE TIME!!!!"

81, go away again.

JustinThunder 8

Maybe your grandma can throw one hell of a party.

The party doesn't start until she walks in.

comepoopwithme 0

just wait until her top comes off.... party over

blanquito 1

what happens in the nursing home.. stays in the nursing home..

20-party just got better!

I'm pretty sure I dropped acid with her in the 60s... damn that hoe still got kicks

bitchslapped22 14


Well it depends. Grandma's can party pretty hard if you give them enough Vodka.

mine parties hard without vodka cos she's awesome

blanquito 1

my grandmas boring as hell.. probably because she's dead

may she rest in peace or burn in hell, I dunno

blanquito 1

I was just watching the charmin toilet paper commercial and that bear had pieces of toilet paper stuck on his ass.. that's NEVER happened to me. And if there is toilet paper pieces where's the shit chunks?

^lmfaoo Ikr! dam lierss

YEAH! Break out the oxygen tanks and digest cookies!

zachattack112492 4

Mmmm grandmas cookies

mmmm, grandma's cookie.....

Ever seen grandma after she got a few drinks in her?

ryanst 7

"..Why because I rap about reality, like me and my grandma having a cup of tea.. there ain't no party like my grandma's tea party.. hey.. ho.." -Flight of the Concords

SirObvious 1


bring your own grandma

enonymous 8

She's probably getting crunk while you're posting this FML.

didijustdie 0

I only had ti martwonis.

aw come on. make the most of what you have :)

yeah it's not like your losing anything

nothing like a grandma to get the party started and raise the roof!!