By KtSue - 12/11/2012 05:25 - United States

Today, my mom has officially lost 100 pounds due to a lap-band surgery. After sharing her excitement, she also shared her troubles. She said, "Everything hangs now, even my cooter. Can they fix that?" Thank you for the mental image, mom. FML
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Don't leave us hanging, OP, what happened? Was it curtains for her cooter, or does the pendulum still swing?

Tell her to pull it back with some rubberbands and clothespins.


Don't leave us hanging, OP, what happened? Was it curtains for her cooter, or does the pendulum still swing?

Sounds like there is already enough hanging...

She used it as a tongue like in the movie 'Click'.

1 OMG you just gave me the worst mental image! Disgusting but funny too! Lol

Well, I can just imagine how your Dad would be struggling trying to have a good time with her.

41- I feel like the dad would write his own fml about this topic too.

It's nice to know that your mum cares about you so much that she shares that kind of information with you...

Actually I don't think it is very nice at all...

Neither does 2, I'm pretty sure...

It was sarcasm, obviously guys. *thumbs up*

This is why surgeries such as this always require more skin tightening surgeries. It's never ending. Plus, no one really wants to hear about them. Sorry about that, OP. I'm grossed out too.

The losing 100 lb part is good to tell... hanging cooters not so much.

She deserves it for shoving enough crap down her throat to get that fat, then taking the easy way out with surgery. Complete disregard for her own body.

I'm sure i could make an educated guess, but what part of the female anatomy is a "cooter" supposed to be?

An educated guess? Why make one of those!? I'm just going to assume cooter means her left ear lobe.

By "cooter" she was actually referring to her scooter. Losing all that weight made her notice how much the suspension on her electrical scooter hangs from excess weight and now wants to get it fixed. (Just trying to change the image I originally had ):

i wish you luck when you get into the real world

You could always just use Google and not have to "guess" anymore. That's the beauty of living in the Information Age - ignorance is now a choice.

45 i do live in the real world, where i realise that others may also check the comments to try and find it out, and also that not everyone is familiar with American slang.

I agree I don't know what a cooter is either

I suppose I'll be nice even though you COULD just google it. It's slang for vagina.

I think it's more southern slang too. I personally hate that word with the passion of a thousand burning suns.

Tell her to pull it back with some rubberbands and clothespins.

Or duct tape. That fixes everything.

I personally suggest electrical tape.

6 nah that's only for ducks didn't ya know.

Or pretty much everything, 15

#15- duck vaginas??

13, 19 Go read the other fml's to get the reference.


*facepalm* I understood the reference.

Excuse me, I have to go vomit now.

no one wants that kind of image inside his head, sorry op!

Ain't nobody got time for that... Bet you still have that original image, though!

Even though I don't have idea on what cooter is, I want to see how it looks like. Can someone show their cooter to me please?

Now you just seem extremely creepy and perverted...

I think the stach makes it even creepier.

Bad troll?

Why doesn't she just tie it together in a trendy bow? It will look pretty with her vajazzle.

Too comfortable... Blargh. (/.)