By Anonymous - / Friday 24 June 2011 17:00 / United States
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  ravensunnyd  |  0

does she weigh like 300 pounds?

By  YurTriniFantasy  |  1

you shud just take her to a different golf course then leave her there and you go to the real golf course tada!

  duckdragon31  |  0

My mom pulled me out of catholic school and threw me into the "black" school and made my sister join a cult. We seriously need a category about parents fucking up


Today, I was feeling generous, so I made my roommate's favorite meal for her when she got home. When she did return home, she flipped her shit for no reason, screaming that she would pee on everything I love. Considering our history, I'm going to start checking my things for urine. FML

By sniperkit - / Tuesday 26 February 2013 00:44 / United States - Traverse City
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