By anonymous - 05/03/2014 05:43 - United States - League City

Today, my mom came into my room, yelling at me about a pregnancy test that she found in my bathroom. My mom wouldn't believe me when I said it wasn't mine. Turns out my sister bought the test, threw it under my bathroom cabinet, and now she won't admit to the prank. She thinks this is hilarious. FML
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If you have a sister, why would your mom automatically assume that it was yours?

It was in HER bathroom. Which would make it seem that she has a bathroom just to herself.


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no it's not, do you even know how much trouble OP is in? her mum is never going to trust her to go anywhere by herself now and she is probably grounded until she graduates, depending on how old the OP is

Well unless her sister confesses

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There's a fine line between being funny and pulling a good prank on someone, vs. simply screwing up their life and causing someone like, say, their own mother, to lose trust in them. Knowing how to not cross that line makes all the difference between you being a prankster or an inconsiderate asshole.

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obviously ops sister isn't a good person to even pull such a prank

Clearly OP's sister isn't a good person

If this makes her sister a bad person than there a millions of siblings who are terrible people. And you're all assuming that the truth will never be brought to light, which is a bit unrealistic IMO. All you Debbie downers jump to the worst conclusions so fast. Lighten up people

32..... You say any GOOD sister.... But that is the point. She might not be a good sister. In all reality, it's likely that the sister eventually did confess. But she already waited long enough that the OP is catching some serious hell. That's pretty douchey. Also, don't like that people comment? Then why are you even here and commenting? You say don't take it seriously, but apparently you took my comment seriously enough to respond to it in a serious tone.

What the hell would be the point of the prank if her mom or dad didn't find it? Of course she'd hear about it from them. And you aren't the only one who commented so I wasn't just responding to you. Also, I wasn't in a serious mood until I read the overreacting comments replying to mine. So I felt the need to respond in a serious tone.

#1 - Are you really a CCT in the Air Force or does your username mean something else?

First off, not everyone's parents are lenient like yours might be. A pregnancy is actually a HUGE deal especially if OP is not at a age that her parents are comfortable with and even if she was her parents could be very reserved in which case yeah it could mean the OP gets severely punished. Second, not all siblings are freaking angels. I've gotten in trouble for things my brother thought would be a funny prank and he never owned up to it and there's no proof to show that it was the sibling. So keep your idiocy to yourself cause some people do like hearing sympathy instead of douche bag comments like yours. Thank you and have a good day.

"So keep the idiocy to yourself because some people do like hearing sympathy instead of douche bag comments like yours." Douche bag comments like mine? And this is..?

that's cold. i feel bad for OP :(

Last option could be to take a Pregnancy test. Hopefully, you don't end up in that position for your voice to be heard.

57, check your messages

It's not even April Fool's yet. XD

It would be even funnier if the test was positive.

oh dear, no it wouldn't.

If you have a sister, why would your mom automatically assume that it was yours?

Maybe the sister is much younger than OP? I'm pretty sure anyone can buy a pregnancy test (My cousin was too embarrassed to, and she made her 13 year old sister buy one for her). Perhaps this is the case? I mean, some 13 year olds up here are out getting high and screwing around, but that's not the case with most of them. The mother probably assumed it was safe to assume it was the older sister. Or, I'm just reading way too far into this :P And, it was the OP's bathroom after all.

It was in HER bathroom. Which would make it seem that she has a bathroom just to herself.

It was in her bathroom cabinet...

I miss read the first time, I see now that it says 'my bathroom cabinet' instead of what I originally thought, 'the bathroom cabinet'. Sorry OP, you've got a crappy sister!

You've got a seriously crappy sister.

Sorry OP. What an immature sister you got there....

Get a pregnancy test, dye it pink for pregnant (or do whatever for whichever test you get) and stick it under your sister's sink.

a STD test would be sweeter

I don't recall learning that a baby was a disease in Health class. A nice refresher course ought to remind you what an STD is, just a suggestion

Time to plot your revenge

Time to throw a home test kit for drugs under her bed, better yet I would get somebody to prank call her stating she may have an STI :) Good luck though...

Sorry OP, some people never cease to amaze me

give her fake money & watch her get humiliated at the store

And then get arrested for dealing in counterfeit bills. Yeah...great plan.

Not a good idea. 19 is right. Even if it is a prank, the store and the police might not think it is funny.

I guess what works for me DOESN'T work for all of you