By JDLAX1924 - United States
  Today, my mom came into my bedroom and told me to listen to this voicemail. I listened to me and my girlfriend talking dirty followed by the bed springs bouncing for 3 minutes. I had my phone in the pocket while I was having sex with her and it left my mom a nice voicemail. FML
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  yuesha  |  5

I'm pretty sure phones stop recording a message after a while. Just saying, he could've lasted a while longer and the message just cut off. I've had people butt dial me before and leave messages. They don't go on for eternity.

  lilweapon  |  0

what was his mom doing while she listened... sounds like it be funny like she reading and she gets the voicemail. her first thought after hearing this is my son is getting more than me.

  okieraider71  |  4

Only 3 min?? Hope your GF dumps you for someone better in bed! OK-- let me explain sex to you. All a man needs for sex is a place, but a woman needs a purpose. Find that purpose and you will be the greatest lover she has ever had. Sex will last for hours. OP- you are clear proof the human gene pool needs some chlorine.


34: I can think of many ways this is plausible. Some enthusiastic foreplay could've caused the phone to call his mom, and either he took his pants off and the phone's got a great mic, or he left 'em on for their quickie.

78: What a fount of knowledge you are. Ought to charge for advice like that. -__-

80: I've both left and received lots of voicemails longer than a minute over the years. Leaving stupidly long messages is a long-running game/joke with my circle of friends. We've probably had 50 different phones altogether, on lots of major carriers. So I'm not sure where you're getting that info.


#5 you look likee yourr ?. 1O yrs old you shouldnt be on this FML && that sucks OP ydi for not turning ya phone off or putting it somewherr else . && FYL cause it was 3 minutos


ahhhh! that suckks. I always put my clothes and items far away from the bed and even if it's a quickie and not everything comes off I empty my pockets. still one can still forget. fyl op, you're in for a world of hurt.


124 You spell like a 10 year old, well actually worse, maybe like a lobotomy patient.
And maybe he was laughing at the fact that the voicemail was 3 minutes long. Although I agree that 3 hasn't hit puberty yet.

  odexy  |  12

I wouldn't say it's fake just 'cause he dialed from his pocket. My pants may come off during sex, but they usually just get tossed off a few inches beside me as opposed to on the floor. So maybe they just rolled over onto the pants? Who knows.

  Freeze_fml  |  16

I hate it when idiots like #34 thread-jack and basically post the same thing I did a long ass time ago, and then the bigger idiots who reply to that and say "fake spotting win" when I did it already. FU.

  skroal  |  7

YDI for your mom coming into your bedroom and telling you to listen to a voicemail. You listened to you and your girlfriend talking dirty followed by the bed springs bouncing for 3 minutes. You had your phone in the pocket while you were having sex with her and it left your mom a nice voicemail.

  dickster  |  0

Ok? Is cumming your definition of being mature? Puberty happens at different times. And why do you care how old they are? At least they commented on the FML. Give good insight before you criticize.

  KANDiiKiSS3S  |  0

72 exactly what I was thinking, 34 it's not like u have to strip all the way down to bare nakedness everytime u have sex, boys can just whip their stuff out. so this FML can be possible

  MaxEvans  |  0

How sad that people think he meant he only lasted three minutes. if you have a fucking phone. you know that even voicemails have a limit to how long they can be. dumbasses

  HeatherXCore  |  0

142- Calm down. I never read yours it was just my thoughts as I read the FML. Sorry that I stole your obviously needed FML glory. You need more attention in your home life I believe.

By  tigercoon  |  12

Oh my goodness OP haha please take your pants off next time!
If that ever happened to me, I'd never hear the fucking end of it. I hope your mom was cool about it xD