By Anonymous - 29/01/2010 01:12 - United States

Today, my mom asked me if I would be embarrassed if she got a tramp stamp. FML
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the fact its called a tramp stamp should answer the q

how old is your mom


err. wow. epic fail to you :/


epic failz FTW LOL!!111

is she hot n young?

I moderated this. I feel proud now. My e-peen has a boner.

I don't get why people say "I moderated this." so did hundreds of other people, what's your point?

epic = big. somewhat. So big fail. Happy? -.-'

how old is your mom

if she hot it's ok

the fact its called a tramp stamp should answer the q

whats a tramp stamp?

tattoo on your back above your ass. tribal ones are hot ;)

I think it's amazing! hah

I'm not familiar with the Tramp Stamp. Can someone explain what it is? Except for tattoo, I got that far.

A tattoo on your lower back.

why is it a called a tramp stamp???

Because most girls that get them are tramps.

because it's mostly seen when the person who has it is bending over... for whatever reason.

Everyone thinks a tramp stamp is ANY tattoo placed on the lower back of a female. Its really an overreaction on the OP's part, a lower back tattoo can really accentuate the curves of a woman's body and look quite tastefull if its a nice design done well. If she's getting a literal tramp stamp, somebody's name on her lower back, It would be a little trashy, but either way definately not an FML moment.

I have to agree. I saw a girl with a really gorgeous feather on her lower back in town a few weeks ago. Looked quite tasteful. I doubt the OPs mom used the term "tramp stamp".

Only a tramp would think to put a tattoo there.

Or someone who doesn't happen to show off that area of skin often and wants a discreet tattoo. If you think it's normal to show off your lower back all the time it's more likely you're a bit of a tramp yourself.

What would be the point of getting a tattoo if you're not going to show it off? The whole reason tattoos came into being was to display it with pride. If you're going to hide your tattoo, don't get one. I never wear anything that shows my lower back (only upper and mid depending on the occasion), and I don't have any tattoos. If I do decide to get a tattoo, I'd never get it on my lower back. Nice try at insulting me, though. Try harder?

Yeah, and then they can't get an epidural when they have children. Nice logic. *rolls eyes* AND EVERYONE, shut the fuck up. Epic fail is a normal term that is now quite popular and I, who am an English major, uses it quite often. So, yeah. STFU.

I find it funny in the upmost how you've tried to use clever wording, you incorrectly spelt word, Hun. Tasteful has one 'L'

I am greatly amused by the fact that you think the word is "upmost". It is utmost, darling. And "spelled," not "spelt". Also, you accidentally omitted the word "a" before the word "word".

47-actually my grandma got a tattoo last year that's quite hidden. it's of a daffodil to remind her of her dead demented husband ( daffodils was his favourite poem)

Thanks for explaining guys :)

tell her she can have a tramp stamp only if it says SOCCER MOM.

Is she hot? I only ask because I have seen enough TS's on gross fatties to last me the rest of my life.