By Anonymous - Australia
Today, my little sister thought it would be funny to send my girlfriend a text saying I cheated on her and wanted to break up. Her response was "lol whatever I've been fucking Steve for like a month anyway". Steve is my brother, and he won't admit or deny it. FML
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  nix1993  |  41

His sister might have known, or at least had a suspicion of what was going on with the brother and the girlfriend but was worried that OP wouldn't believe her if she told him, a friend of mine did something very similar for his best friend. If so this was an ingenious way of doing it without having to be the person to deliver such shitty news or risk looking like you're trying to interfere.

By  ExtremeEncounter  |  32

He's obviously guilty. If he admits it, he's in trouble. If he denies it, he knows he'll get caught lying in the future. If he was innocent, there would be no problem with him claiming that he was.

  crandel  |  11

Is your point meant to be whether he admits or denies it, it proves he's guilty? Maybe that's why he isn't giving an answer. Because he knows if he denies it, he won't be believed anyway.

  RealSuperSand  |  21

I completely agree #5, but I've still had a similar situation with an ex and someone used to be a really close friend of mine so being siblingless doesn't shield you completely from people close to you being pieces of shit sometimes.