By kiwi2323 - 26/09/2012 01:48 - United States

Today, my intoxicated husband asked my very conservative parents how their sex life is now that all the kids are out of the house. FML
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So... How is it?

Oh, husbands. Making conversations awkward with the parental folks since before time.


So... How is it?

Well with Viagra doing all the hard work...xD

...and the rest of the hard work a mixture of tequila and a sex swing.

I believe it's just dandy. xD

No hips were broken in the making of that home film. But the bed was.

Oh, husbands. Making conversations awkward with the parental folks since before time.

Well at least your husband said it with words and not hand gestures. XD

Swinging in the chandelier, I bet.

Your dp has caused me to crave a deliciously iced cupcake.

This is true, that cupcake is beautiful.



I'd imagine this would be even more of an FML if they'd actually answered!

We don't know if they didn't! :O

Tell your parents to losen up alittle.

Who knows, her mother just might be quite loose...

It's be really awkward if they answered..

"Oh it's amazing. Never been better. Bob just installed the swing. Wanna come take a looksie?"

"It's in your old room even!"

Why would your husband be getting drunk around conservative people? I couldn't imagine them being drunk with you.

They may have not been drunk, but I'm sure conservative people still enjoy a drink or two.

SApprentice 34

7- Conservative people get drunk, too. They just drink wine, and fine liquors, and pretend that they're not drunk when they are so that they can get through their boring day to day lives.

Stereotypical much? ^^^

26 Not every conservative is a snobby rich person just like not every liberal is a lazy freeloader. I can see you being one, though.

SApprentice 34

36 and 57- You guys really can't handle a joke. There's no need to be so angry, or to insult me like that. I do try to have a little humor, and my jokes may not be good, but I try. I have nothing against conservatives, just like I have nothing against liberals. I think 99.99% of the human population are terrible creatures anyway, so it would be a waste of energy for me to hate any one group more than another. I'm sorry I managed to piss ya'll off.

um both my parents and grandparents get drunk around me every time I'm with them.

Theres no way that that conversation will be awkward...

Hey now, this is a question that we all need to know about!

The conservative ones always have the kinkiest private lives. That's a valid question.

Totally agreed...