By stephanie
Today, my husband tried to use his "grief" over his grandmother's death to manipulate me into giving him a blowjob. In the toilets. During the funeral. With his family only a few yards down the hall crying their eyes out. What an asshole I married. An absolute asshole. FML
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  Taylor Caldwell  |  10


  WeirdUS  |  29

Very true, behavior like this isn't a sign of anything healthy and usually gets worse. I'd definately conisder divorce sooner rather than later before it worse. A guy this manipulative isn't going to get better. If he does it will be be a long time before he does and if he does this sort of behavior is going to be his default reaction.

By  arrowmaker  |  15

A similar reaction happened in the movie Who’s Harry Crumb. I may be getting part of this wrong but wasn’t it the widow who said churches make her horny?

By  RichardPencil  |  30

Sounds that all you are blowing is your wedding vows.

Surely, there’s some crap about supporting them through good times and bad. If he needs a supportive toilet blowjob in his grieving process, well, you signed up for it.

  PhoenixChick  |  26

No wedding vows includes being obligated to service someone sexually in a shitter, within hearing distance of family members. If he needs relief that badly he can jerk himself off.

  WeirdUS  |  29

Sarcasm doesn't usually read well in written word unless it made clear it's a joke. It's also more difficult considering there are people that actually do think that way. Also, it has to be funny just spouting stuff you'd expect to hear from family of 4chan doesn't make you hillarious.

By  zuckerburg  |  21

Woa, judgy judgy there OP. People grieve in their own way. Some make inappropriate jokes. Some try to jump on the coffin while it's going down in the ground. Some cry their eyes out (but haven't seen the person in decades), some get super drunk, some don't even pitch to the funeral because they won't be able to handle it. Some people have sex as the morbid reality of dying at any second and not knowing when it's coming is RIGHT THERE. So get off your high horse, divorce him (since you don't sound supportive or loving, ms judgy judgy) and find a guy who can handle the death of a family member the way you prescribe him to.

  T3chie  |  13


  SneezyBear  |  27

You weren't there to witness the way OP's husband asked for the blowjob. You have no idea how entitled or passive aggressive he may have come across, and yet you immediately assume it has to be OP who's in the wrong. You might wanna look inward before you accuse others of being "judgy judgy", miss judgy judgy.

  interesting33  |  36

I hear what you're saying and would have upvoted you if it was written in a less judgemental way of OP. OP may well be very supportive but not understand how a blownjob would help. OP's reaction is very understandable. You make good points in that it could truly be a reaction to the grief annd death in the husband's part.