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Today, my husband told me the reason he'd been meeting his high school sweetheart behind my back and lying about where he was was out of respect for me. He thinks I'm ungrateful for not appreciating the lengths he's gone to to hide this. FML
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Then surely he'll understand and appreciate the lengths that you'll go to in order to get him out of your life forever?

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wow...what a douche. why the hell would you be grateful that he hid it? he is an idiot.


Then surely he'll understand and appreciate the lengths that you'll go to in order to get him out of your life forever?

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Her profile says she has the best boyfriend anyone could have. . . .

that man deserves a medal. :P

#24 So the guy is a vagina cleaner? That makes perfect sense.

#40 A douche is a vagina cleaner. She said he was a douche. So I said he is a vagina cleaner. Anymore I must spell out?

at least he was honest. you married a truthful man whore.

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Yelll this is Ungratefulnesssss!! *and kick him between the legs*Yell like you were bout to say THIS IS SPARTA!Q! or just walk away, and never look back..

^ What song is that from?

it not a song it's from the movie.

How is she a whore? Please explain!

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What a ass, I agree with #3

Agree with #1, I'm sure he'll be very grateful for the lengths that you'll go to get rid of him. Fuck your life for having that kind of man to deal with.

No actually, I didn't take it that seriously. But it's true, divorces aren't that clean and easy, so there are some lengths you have to go through; specially emotionally.

Well, with any other woman I'm sure they'd want a divorce from him. And I'm talking about the content as well, clearly the content was meant in a somewhat witty manner, I didn't take that seriously.

Oh I don't know, a little thing called cheating? Or am I just totally insane to say that, because women love cheating men? Like cmon, really.

you don't know if he's cheating or not. it is insinuating that but still don't know. he could be faithful or cheating. for all we know the woman could be the type of girl that tells him your not allowed to look at other women and yells about it which would be way he's doing it behind her back. I'm leaning more towards cheating but we need more info before we can say he's cheating or not.

Does the post really need to directly say "He was cheating on me?" for people to understand he was cheating? When someone writes an FML about their spouse going behind their back for someone, it doesn't really mean they were completely loyal and all they did was a have a nice conversation with the man/woman they were seeing in secret. It doesn't need to be spelled out..

This is why I love FML, people get so heated about things. It's so funny when people go off on how stupid someone is after they state their opinion. Okay, so you had this kind of situation in your life as well. But tell me, why would the husband go to such lengths to hide it from his wife? Sure, OP could be the kind of person who doesn't even let her husband look at other women, but going off of what was said in this FML, I think it most defiantly implies he's cheating. And what about the part with the high school sweetheart? OP mentioned that for a reason, I'm sure. Sorry we don't see eye to eye, bur seriously man, it's nothing to get heated over.

Seeing as how I'm not the only one who thinks her husband cheated, a lotta other people here must be stupid as well? Honestly, on FML, everyone makes a great deal of assumptions, you don't get the whole story on every post, so the only thing you can do is assume. Seriously, I think you're taking this a bit too seriously. And what argument? I don't see this as any sort of argument.

Seriously OrganizedChaos back the fuck up. Sure there are some assumptions going on but I'm pretty sure, after reading your discussion, that you're the ass for trying to call people out and use childish insults. Grow up. Go join a debate team or some shit.

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haha it looks like spleenfull is just talking to herself the whole time. lol :)

Husband win. Maybe if OP learned to give better head, he wouldn't cheat.

Get a hooker to use his toothbrush. If what you suspect is true, then both him and his mistress will get what they have coming!

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niceee (:

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And what if she is actually wrong about the cheating? hahaha

That's harsh. Surely he should know that the more he hides it the more suspicious it's likely to look? I'd suggest talking to her, and seeing if you can't find out if what you think happened is true or not. It might be the case that he's trying to hide it because you'll over-react. If you are right, then its upto you, OP, where to go from there.

yeah right ... the high school sweet-heart will tell the wife EVERYTHING I'm sure.

She might be dying to tell the wife everything but even if she doesn't, her answers will be worth comparing to the husband's. Not that I'm advocating that. The husband has already admitted to deceit. I'm not sure anything else matters.

Tinacorbin - I didn't mean that the other girl is garanteed to tell the OP everything. However, it is possible that she will, there are many circumstances that we don't know that could determin how much the girl would tell. However, as ImaginaryFoe said, it does give another story to double check against. ImaginaryFoe - Exactly. However, it might be that the husband didn't do anything, but knew that the OP would automatically jump to conclusions whether or not he was honest about it, and tried to avoid it. It is also entirely possible the OP is right. 'Chaos - I think you mean that the FML is that he lied rather than did anything, which is possible, but we don't know that for sure.

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I think the husband should be the one writing an fml.His wife is completely ungrateful for his honesty and hard work to keep it all secret.Op's a typical bitch that doesn't appreciate anything!

Fair enough, Chaos, that makes sense now I know what you meant.

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wow...what a douche. why the hell would you be grateful that he hid it? he is an idiot.

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Good heavens, sounds like my rat bastard of a husband. They honestly believe they're not in the wrong, it's amazing...

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you know, not all men are like most of you women post. Some of us are kind loving guys who would do anything for his girlfriend I'm one of them so I disagree.

I agree that some people will generalise unfairly but you aimed this at the wrong person. EmVee was very specific in her comparison and didn't go the "all men are cheaters" route.

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sorry imaginaryfoe. I lost my cool.

At least he told you. I wonder what the reason was.