By tired parent - / Thursday 28 February 2019 04:00 /
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  zuckerburg  |  19

a two-way radio isn't a "baby monitor". Baby monitor's are one way. There's no reason for the controlling device to be 2-way, unless you're a lazy asshole (which you might have, farting like that), and go "baby you aight? over" whenever your kid cries.

By  risingtide  |  19

Two months ago, I put my never wanted to sleep nephew to bed after a hard work of two hours, and her mom decide to laugh hard on a stupid joke her husband told her on the phone

By  zuckerburg  |  19

Didn't think of leaving the room when you got the urge? Or to try and stifle it somehow? Are you subconsciously trying to undermine your husband because your motherly instincts want you to be the one rocking her to sleep because "he can't do anything right"? Control freak. YDI

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