By Carpet cleaner - Canada
Today, my husband came home late from drinking with his buddies, only to toss and turn and keep me up for an hour. He then sat up and didn't move for a few minutes. I sat up to see what was wrong, only to see him pissing on the carpet beside our bed. FML
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  blackheart24  |  10

16- that is a cool pic actually.
28- Not meaning to stalk, but HOLY SHIT, you died twice?!?

On a more FML oriented note, that shit is nasty, but pretty funny if you think about it. I mean what would you do? I'd laugh my ass off.

  bethyc4  |  26

I was announced legally dead twice. once after my father tried to kill me as a baby and 2nd time when I pushed my brother out of the way of a car and took the hit instead

  japtch  |  15

43-I want to thumb up your comment because it's inspiring, but I feel like an asshole "liking" the fact that you've died twice. I'm in a pickle here..

  AyeTee77  |  18

43 - How are you legally dead as opposed to illegally dead? That word is not necessary in there, however, good job on your heroics on saving your brother, if only that car had hit you harder.

  blackheart24  |  10

67- Dude you're like Wonder Woman or something. What a badass haha. Nah but seriously, it's cool that youre alive. You must have a good reason to be here I guess :)

By  marisadc79  |  0

Wow, I'd be curbing him going out with his buddies real quick if he's gonna get so drunk he's pissing on the floor. For sure he'd be cleaning it up. Yes, FYL for having to deal with that and f**k his for not being able to hold his liquor and acting like a toddler.

  HannahWho  |  8

Maybe a better way to handle it would be.

"Honey, you kept me up all night and then peed on the floor. If you are going to go out with buddies, could you either not drink so much or stay over at their house until you are sober. If its going to be late you might as well stay out the rest of the night so one of us could sleep."