By kitkat545 - / Monday 15 June 2009 23:18 / United States
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I always wondered why when people are at work in office settings they always have people on speaker phone?? my dad does the same thing. I mean I'll call him and won't know he's on speakerphone with a table full of other people but my call is urgent and an emergency I don't want other people to know. and I find out I'm on speaker phone by him frantically saying hold on and taking me off

hahaha is he fired? ... for ... you know ... a professional term that means "your wife was saying sexual stuff on the phone and youre gonna get blamed for it"

That's fucked lol. I *ALWAYS* tell people Im on the phone with wether Im on speaker phone or not in the beginning of the convo.. To avoid an over dose of drama :P

That sucks! I have to agree with #11, I think he might have set you up. He should have said you were on speakerphone. FYL.

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