By Anonymous - / Tuesday 1 April 2014 02:08 / United States - Santa Barbara
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  ribbons  |  23

It seems he was planning on getting salt on his dick a bit later -- she mentioned "to spice things up for the next round". So, really, was he expecting it to turn into a bubble bath in her vag or something?

By  MisterEx  |  28

MEXICAN BEER! Wtf is wrong with me?

By  HowsBoutaRoadie  |  8

you should put bath salts in his coffee the next morning. the drug kind not the smelly stuff.

  pandalover69  |  26

@21, those are a different kind of bath salt. Bath salts you bathe with and bath salts you get high off of are 2 completely different things. If you actually try to smoke the ones you bathe with nothing will happen, you'll just look like a moron.

By  littlem91  |  29

Did you not notice him doing it? I'm a little confused how you'd not realise.
Of course you're also clearly married to a moron. Perhaps see a doctor, that can't be good.

  nightowl713  |  24

Definitely not a common thing where I'm from! Really though, that most likely will cause a pretty bad infection. Drs say that just taking bubble baths isn't good for your "woman hood", I can't imagine having essentially "chemically altered rocks" shoved up there. How was that even supposed to be pleasurable? I imagine it being quite painful for the both of you, OP.

  hayjay2000  |  8

I imagine it a lot more painful. Most women can't even have pads with faint scents (irritative) so I can imagine smelly bath salts would burn and hurt a LOT.

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