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Today, my husband and I decided to tell our sixteen-year-old daughter that she's adopted. Her response was, "Thank God!" FML
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At least she took it well?

should have said, "just kidding"


At least she took it well?

She might have taken it well for the moment but the information probably hasn't sunk in. I'm sure in a day or two ALL those hard questions will be asked.

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26- Your post has made me hate you...

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26- There are just so many geniuses just like you on FML. People like you give me hope for the human race. Reading clever comments like yours raises my IQ by at least 5 points every time. So thank you.

I think if I ever adopt, the child would know from a very young age, pretty much as soon as they could understand it. What's the point of keeping that from your kid?

Why'd u wait so long to tell her

62, that's a great plan. I was adopted at birth, and my mother never hid it from me or from my brother. She let us set our own boundaries and explore with questions. By the time we knew where babies come from, we perfectly understood why we were adopted - my mother is incapable of bearing children, though my parents tried very hard - and that we were actually chosen. We felt very special and very loved.

Thats what i plan on, Grimmerie :) being someone who is pursuing a career in the environment, sustainability is something that's important to me, so because the human population is growing so quickly, I think it would be selfish of me to have more than one biological child (I don't think anyone is selfish for wanting more than one biological child and this shouldn't be policed at all, but for me it's important). So, I have thought about adoption quite a lot. I think it's the least I could do to give back to humanity, and so many kids need loving homes.

70&88. Good for you guys on keeping a positive view on life. Best of luck in both of your journeys where they may lead you.

88- that's my plan too. :) Curious, what career are you persuing?

If she said that, this would be my response: "Alright, I'll give you back to the adoption center, considering you obviously don't like us."

Carmstro, I'm studying environmental engineering. I don't know what field I want to work in yet, though.

135- You can't unadopt a child. As a 15 year old that knows nothing about legal stuff, I'm even aware of the fact that unless it's dealing with foster parents and not the legal parents, you can't just give a kid up because you don't want them anymore. A better suggestion would be to kick her out when she turns 18.


26 - You are god's mistake.

should have said, "just kidding"

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That would be one of the top 5, of not the top, cruelest pranks. I'm usually all for having fun, teasing, and pranking but some things you just shouldn't joke about. And that's one of them.

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61- You're right. Who would ever dream of making a joke on a website built on sarcasm and borderline offensive humor? Oh, the humanity.

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kyleekay; I really wasn't referring to joking about it here, one of the main reasons why I like FML so much is because it's super sarcastic and I enjoy sarcasm very much. I was actually referring to Sinandraide's suggestion to say, "Just kidding!" to their adopted child or biological child. It's a very overwhelming situation.

You really do hate fun, don't you, BellaBelle?

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She is a teenager. Most teenager wish they were adopted. Don't take it personal. :-) I felt that way when I was her age.

3 - so that's why now you go around with your hanging boobies and have no respect for your parents since your teenage.

52: You're not in much of a position to judge anyone considering your piss-poor grammar.

Wow, 52, you're a misogynistic ass hole. Oh, I'm sorry. Was that judgmental?

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As a teenager, I'd say I definitely wish I was adopted

I still wish I was.

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Yes, this. So long as you're not abusing your teenage daughter, her wishing she was adopted is likely a sign that you're doing something right as a parent.

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3 - Most teenage girls*

I love my parents and would never wish I were adopted. :D

Pfft, I'm a teenager and I'm glad I'm not adopted, because this one girl at my school said a 13 year old girl (her real mum) got raped by a 42 year old man and she got put up for adoption right after she was born. But she gets harassed a lot because of it. Screw high school :(

I guess I'm not one of those teenagers

What the hell is wrong with teenagers these days? Unappreciative fucks. I NEVER wanted to be adopted. I love my mom too much and even the awful arguments my dad and I used to have never got bad enough to where I would wish I was adopted. That's just outrageous.

uh hey. I'm adopted. because I was loved.

@129 according to your profile (if my phone isn't derping), you're 19. So think before you criticize all teenagers next time, please? Because I know I'm appreciative for a lot in my life, and don't whine about not getting stuff or wish I was adopted...

I dont think i ever wished i was adopted because even tho my mom can be strict at times, And sometimes things arent fair, but I have got a great education, food and im healthy. I also have a twin brother that i love very much.

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i wish i was!!!

No, you don't. The system is brutal, and getting adopted by a good, caring family is like playing Russian Roulette. That isn't to say that there aren't wonderful, kind-hearted people that have adopted. But there are plenty of abusive homes out there as well. Don't be ungrateful. Be happy you have a nagging mother/father/guardian. As annoying and irritating as they can be, they do it because they love you and care about your future. If you think I'm an adult trying to tell you what's best, I'm not; I'm 16 years old.

Well, ManInTheMachine, you are making quite an assumption there. For all you know, Kate may very well have horrible abusive parents that treat her like shit. Also, adoption agencies, private ones that match adoptive parents with children before they're born, do thorough background checks. Adoption is also a lengthy and expensive process. You're actually less likely to be abused in an adopted family. Just wanted to contribute my two cents.

You're absolutely right, grace. I completely agree, actually. However, as she provided zero information concerning her relationship status between her and her parents, and based on the fact that she's most likely using a phone/computer/laptop, I would say that her parents don't neglect her, and chances are she didn't spend any of her own money on these items (allowance doesn't count, as it is your parents giving you their own money). But yes, I was making an assumption, just like you are by stating her parents could be abusive. Honestly, I had no choice but to assume considering she gave zero information concerning her family's relationship.

Well I don't think access to a computer or smartphone necessarily makes a happy home, but yes, she'd probably get more sympathy if she gave a reason. Without one, it could be anything from, "my parents are inbred drug addicted low lifes who are constantly in and out of jail and beat the shit out of me," to ,"my parents have nooooo fashion sense whatsoever. It's so embarrassing! I mean, white socks with a black suit??? OMG!!!"

#59 & #46 i have to say," you both got good points there" but when i was 14-15 i use to hope that i was adopted too, only because my younger brother was their fav. However as i grew up i found out that its normal as all the parents are like this (mostly). Therefore it could be just some stupid/meaningless reason that kate have, while i am also assuming that it could be vice versa i.e. abusive parents. Although ManInMachine: its not tough to buy mobile/laptop/computer at the age of 14/15/16 as i had it by working as a photo editor. Or she could be the one going to cafe to use computer or school, as parents are abusive and she cannot buy anything like phone/laptop etc even if she can :....

Actually, although the agencies provide thorough backgrounds, there are still abusive adoptive parents. Many if them actually. So, you're both right.

78, I wasn't saying abuse never happens in adoptive homes. Just that it's less likely. In any case, abuse is certainly no more common in adoptive families than biological ones. I just take issue when people suggest that adoption and abuse go hand-in-hand. I think it's a terrible disservice to all the great adoptive parents out there who take in a child in need when they didn't have to.

79, I'm sorry that happened to you. I don't know the circumstances of your adoption or what your adoptive parents were like, but I do know that there was a reason your mother put you up for adoption. Your adoption may not have been ideal, but if you read the comments on here there are some very wonderful stories about adoption too. Everyone has their struggles growing up and that happened to be yours. I was born in England to a former US Navy sailor and a Royal airman. I spent the first six years of my life on a Royal Air Force base where I pretty much had freedom to go wherever I wanted in my neighborhood. Then when my family moved to America I had to give up most of my toys and become accustomed to being stuck in my house for my own safety. I also had an accent coupled with a speech impediment until I was about twelve. Being constantly teased every time I spoke was not an easy thing to deal with for six years of my early life. I also had severe ADHD, which made both school and socializing even more difficult. Now those things are far behind me, though. I speak like any other American, and I've learned to cope with my ADHD without medication. Someday you too may be at peace with your adoption and the things that happened to you, if only you let them stay in the past.

I'm pretty sure the person isn't hoping and praying that they're adopted. Geez you guys will take anything as an excuse to lecture. IT'S FML.

I felt like I just read, an essay on the different view points of adoption.

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I'm really sorry #79. People always want what they can't have anyway. Like if ur adopted u want your real parents but ppl who r not adopted want to's weird

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There need to be more 16 year-olds like you, 19.

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So where did you go wrong in this process? I think it was step one.

Step one as in adopting her, or step 1 as in telling her?

You should be happy she's taking it so well! :) I'm sure she was kidding.

I think she was just a little angry from the night before, when she bought her mom a lighthouse as a gift and know what happened there!

Well, at least you can be happy that there isn't any super-bitch in your DNA. Give her a nice long chore list. Oh, she wanted to go out with her friends? Lol nope, she's grounded...

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I don't think she should be punished for that. She just learned that she was adopted and that can be extremely devastating emotionally and mentally. She just found out that the only people she knew as mom and dad aren't her biological parents and that her biological parents are possibly dead, in prison for a very long time, couldn't afford a child, were teens when she was born and couldn't support her, her mother could have been a rape victim and didn't want a child that reminded her of that trauma but didn't want to abort her, etc. That's a lot for anyone, especially a teen, to take in. She may have responded that way as a defense mechanism to hide the fact that she was overwhelmed by this revelation and was possibly very hurt that her biological parents gave her up for adoption.

BellaBelle- that's very true, I probably would've done something similar, a lot of people hide their feelings like that, they need to think their emotions over.

BellaBelle_fml 23

So true! How can we fix our problems and such if we keep hiding our disappointments and hurt feelings from those we love that may have unintentionally hurt us? You can't.

Thats how I would of responded at sixteen, everyone has weird families it's just in your teen years you think yours are the weirdest and think 'how could I be related to these people'.

Well that ungrateful little bastard.

They adopted her probably gave her a good life and she being a little mean during I bet a sensitive time for the parents.

A sensitive time for the parents? For fucking sake, that girl, who's right in the middle of puberty, just heard that her beloved mommy and daddy are not her real mommy and daddy. Give her a break, could you? If anyone is to blame, it are the parents. Like there never was a better (and sooner!) moment to tell her.

You don't think it was hard for the parents too? You think it's just going to be easy to tell their daughter they raised from a baby that she is adopted?

Djeepee - They ARE her real mother and father. Parents are people who raise you, teach you manners, feed and clothe you, tuck you in at night, read you stories - people who love you. Sharing half your DNA with someone doesn't make you a parent.

I don't think it would be easy....but I think they could/should have told her earlier.

And you're completely right, Doc! But be honest, what would your first reaction be if your parents told you now that you were adopted? Would it be A) My parents will always be my real parents, adopted or not! or B) Omfg?! I'm adopted? Who's my real mother and father? Why didn't they want me? Who am i? I don't know about you, but I go for option B. And I'm not even an insecure sixteen year old. And to 34: the parents choose to adopt her, they knew that they would have to tell her. In my opinion, they have waited to long with. Difficult or not, it's more easier for a child to deal with it if it's not a surprise which they've been waiting on for friggin' sixteen years.

DjeePee- I am going to have to disagree. If you tell a child to soon that they are adopted, they can start doubting themselves. They don't understand, then wonder would set in; "Why didn't my parents want me?"- "Is something wrong with me?".... Self blame, then therapists. They may not be mature enough to understand. You shouldn't tell them to early and you shouldn't wait too long. But to be honest, they'd know when the right time was if they raised her. The parents would know what their child could handle and when. If they paid attention. Not to mention, there are plenty of parents who wait until their children are married or maybe even never. So this isn't so bad.

My boyfriend's parents told him from the get go that he was adopted. As soon as he was old enough to understand, anyway, and he turned out perfectly fine.

120- I always knew I was. it never made a difference to me.

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Just out of curiosity, why did you choose to wait sixteen years to tell her?