By Chubby - 07/05/2015 11:01 - United States - Lake Worth

Today, my grandmother came to visit and asked me, "Did you change your hair, or are you just fatter now?" FML
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It's okay, #1, you're still pretty and have nice hair. :)

Sometimes I rub myself in butter milk and play with my nipples to jazz music. My grandparents think I'm wierd but I just feel better than anyone else.

nonsensical 26

Your eyes are piercing

#22, usually random does NOT equal funny.

#1, you sure are cute!

Me too 1. It is what it is.

Nope your just weird.......

Ignore that it was meant for a different comment that has now decided to disappear and make me look stupid lol.

Brutal honesty all around.

Hey now, you have beautiful eyes chickie :)

you're all beautiful

Well that's a plot twist to the normal visiting grandma story..

Damn...G-mama is ruthless!!

Straight savage. No? Okay..

Jeez she's vicious. Pay her no mind, I'm sure she's no super model.

well yeah, but how many grandma Victoria Secret models do you know of? lol

Grandparents do have a way of saying rude things. She probably meant something nice by it

Grandma: your fat Me: oh thanks grandma that is so nice! (Sarcasm)

nah, i think they believe they can get away with being assholes just because they are old and know people will excuse them for that reason.

Hey, back in the day, being skinny was a bad thing!

Do you have alzheimer's, or are you just a bitch now?

Oh please, Alzheimers's is no joking matter.

Yeah, you're right, I regretted that almost immediately after posting it. Sorry.

You're right #7! #6 must have forgotten his manners

What can we joke about? Everything seems to be off limits to joke about on FML lately.

Well, humour is subjective. And I lost my grandfather to Alzheimer's not long ago, so to me it just isn't funny. But I get where you're coming from.

I had an Alzheimers joke but I... who are you people?

You know what the best thing about having alzheimer's is? You get to meet new people everyday! Or... you only ever have to buy one comedy cd for the rest of your life!.

After I've been at grandma's eating her cookies I'm definetly fatter

"My stomach didn't grow Grandma, just my awesomeness"

"the width of my waist is proportional to the number of wrinkles on your face."

How do those two things correlate with each other at all?

Maybe OP cut their hair, and it made their face look rounder.

"I cut my hair but not my swag"