By loveless - United States
Today, my grandma called me to tell me that a couple of cute boys stopped by her house to borrow something. She told them all about me, and that I would be interested in them. My love life is so pathetic, even my grandmother is trying to hook me up. FML
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  sharpl916  |  0

Unless someone accidently destroys a planet or a universe, I think I read all in FML. Over half of these are, oh, I'm lonely for so many years, oh, my gf or bf dumped me for something random, etc...

By  MadaZer0  |  8

Couple cute boys? Oh dear... OP don't go into dark alley ways or abandoned parks... Trust me... First it starts out cute with the stalking and the pit sniffing blouse addiction. But it all ends with a circle of guys jerking off around you.

By  eur003  |  0

catherine004 is hawt!! lol if your love life is pathetic stop spending all your time on here and get out there and meet people!! it's easier than you think...

By  walktovanish  |  0

did you ever think that maybe your grandma is proud and likes to tell other people about her grandchild? older people do that a lot. if your first response is that your love life is pathetic, maybe it is. go meet people.

  BritishHobo  |  0

I do like that that's her reaction. Not 'oh, some cute boys that have heard about me. maybe we could hang out or something'. Just 'man, my love life is pathetic'.