By veggiedude - 08/05/2014 03:01 - United States - San Francisco

Today, my girlfriend suggested we try something new and spontaneous. Excited to find out first-hand what she had in mind, and ready to fool around, I hurried over to her place. Turns out she's just taken up vegan cooking. FML
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She had no cravings for your sasuage.

How rude! She totally should've mentioned that it was BYOB (bring your own bacon).


How rude! She totally should've mentioned that it was BYOB (bring your own bacon).

A meal without meat is a big missedsteak

It wasn't the V he was looking for...

try it.out, you never know, you might like it.

I agree with you completely. I've had some vegan food that was amazing. Most people get the idea that it's tasteless and disgusting but if you know a good cook it can be delicious.

This ^ In my experience, almost anyone who says "vegan food is nasty" has never really eaten a specifically vegan meal. And they tend to think that all of us just eat grass and twigs and shit like that. I love to eat just as much as the next guy and I don't miss out on delicious flavors at all. It's just like "regular" cooking-- there is good and bad depending on who made it and where you are.

No one deserves the horror of vegan food

Vegan food is awesome. You probably accidentally eat vegan food more often than you think.

TheDrifter 23

For me, accidental veganism is Doubtful. I put cream in my coffee and bacon on everything else. But vegan can be good, just avoid the chemically altered soy products and your stomach will thank you.

Vegan food is damn tasty if the cook knows what he/she is doing. Just like your ordinary meat type food, even bacon, can be bland and tasteless or downright disgusting if the cook has no idea what he/she is doing. Just stay away from vegan meat substitute, it's pretty awful.........

I'm a vegan, and can make some kickass food. I make a whopper that tastes almost like the real thing. Also a lot of things are vegan that you may eat regularly, like Oreos.

Depends on the analogue. Gardein is a line of analogues, some of which are pretty amazing. Tofurkey sausages are pretty good. The Match Meat, however, I don't really care for. And if she makes stir-fry, I hear that the Beyond Meat strips are scarily close to the dead chicken it replaces. I think the Today show did a feature on Beyond Meat, and the taste-testers were fooled by which was the flesh and which was the plant. It just takes a bit of practice. I've gotten really good at cooking tofu; the trick is freezing it. I also make my own seitan ("wheat meat"). #35--That's why you buy organic soy foods whenever possible.

In my experience, it's been harder to screw up a vegan recipe than a regular one. I think it's easier to cook vegan and I buy local so it's cheaper too.

Oreo filling contains lard, I believe, which is an animal product.

Nope. The lard's long since been replaced by shortening. Check the ingredients list.

Vegan food CAN be good, but I really wouldn't want it every day. If OP's girlfriend plans on making that a regular thing, veggies and soy frankenmeats might become unappealing quickly.

Couldn't you have come up with something better to say than that?

She had no cravings for your sasuage.

If she ends up really liking vegan food, she may never again, either. FYL OP.

What a let down. Maybe you can try her vegan cooking and she can try your spiciness in the bedroom. It might be a turn on for her if you are open to it.

No more meat ... None. ;)

What a bummer. On the other hand, you may actually like the vegan cooking.

Run away still you can! Run back to the good world of meat!

you look like you enjoy some good meat

I am sorry for your loss.