By Nutty
  Today, my girlfriend refused to have sex with me, because my underwear are Fruit of the Loom instead of Hanes. According to her, since all real men wear Hanes, I'm unfit to have sex with her because I wear Fruit of the Loom and am therefore not a man. FML
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By  TCRII  |  29

Go commando

  moliknz  |  26

I was thinking that too, it’s not the real reason. It sounds like she has some other thing that’s making her not want to be intimate, so she just picked the first thing she could think of to delay it until she can talk about the real reason.

  eightbithero  |  12

So should guys expect no stains or funky smells of women as well? I mean, since a women's vag cleans itself and porn/modeling isn't reality, and underwear does get stained, and genitals do smell. Lol

But sure... Lets hold women to these standards as well, since its harder for them.