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  julfunky  |  29

Let me clarify: By the “last thing I think of” I’m not actually saying ass pen comes to mind. Just that IF it would, it would’ve been the last thing that does.

  Rabite  |  28

It's not like they didn't have lots of weeks to talk about this topic and it's also not a first come, first serve thing when the name is made official.

  zuckerburg  |  21

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  Mangascribbler  |  19

What the fuck? How is going outside and learning the name of a plant white privilege? Or, if you don’t live near those kinds of trees, Google is a thing.

I was 9 when I read my first book with a character named Aspen. The book cost $4.39 at a book fair. Even if you can’t afford $4.39 for a book, that 1) has nothing to do with what color you are, it just sucks, and 2) library cards are free, the series is called Mismantle.


Um.... even those of us that havent been to Aspen know about it. Thats not white privilege just knowing about it. And what 2 year old is gonna think of the word ASS when they hear someone's name?

  DanielleinDC  |  32

I've never been to Aspen, nor do I ski, but I'm well-read enough to have heard of the city. That's not privilege, that's having a bit of smarts. And I don't know one tree from another, but I have heard of aspens. That's also what a bit of book learning will get ya.


By  interesting33  |  36

why is she allowed to name your daughter without you having a say. she is just as much your daughter. You girlfriend should not have to right to give her a name you disagree with.

  never_three  |  21

What makes you think she didn’t try to get name options from him? Maybe OP didn’t like any of the names but didn’t give her options he likes. Maybe OP gave her free reign of name picking and now doesn’t like the name chosen. We don’t know that she just picked a name without ever talking to him about it.