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Did you reply to the first comment just to have yours at the top? Omg me too! Now what else should us attention whores do? USE ALL CAPS LOCK? use horible gramer and speelings so teh grammr nazis will freek out? I feel so fulfilled! Everyone, LOOK AT MY COMMENT, LOOK AT IT!

God people grow up.

  MzKylz  |  0

says you #66 who is 16... I couldn't give a shit where my post is it's just as easy to click on the first one. as I couldn't give a shit about other peoples comments.

  alwa7sh  |  2

Well our comments made you look and comment 66, yah I feel fulfilled. Now reply all the way in the bottom so people wouldn't think of you as an attention whore.

  banana_buddy  |  6

Wow YDI OP for dating a fugly tramp. We all know that decent looking girls don't get arrested for indecent exposure cause guys will pick them up before the police do.

  Cian_1  |  28

If I was him, I'd be very suspicious at why she was naked. This happened to with my ex; she was cheating at the time, and that's how I found out. Good luck, OP!