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  eminemchick  |  19

I can only imagine.
"fuck it, I'm leaving you."
"what?! Why?"
"you have a drinking problem!"
"wtf i barely drink"
"yes. That is where the problem lies.*takes a huge swig of jack daniels*"

  EnEl_Infierno  |  15

You do have a problem op, that you're a dumbass, I bet you're now ex was the life of the party, and you where the dumbass to tell everyone to use a coaster because the glass will leave a ring. Life is short, my advice... Pop open a cold one, live it up, and PARTY HARD, PARTY HARD, PARTY HARD!

  seanders  |  10

134: never too soon.:). If I'm gonna mock someone while they're alive, death isn't gonna change a thing!:). Besides, since when was a law stated that you must wait a minimum time before mocking the dead?

  yadisingh  |  5

I heard that not drinking helps you live a longer life. Also, from abuse if alcohol consumption, you can damage your liver.

The joke was over after the Jack Daniels one, losers.

By  Person1233  |  12

She just wants to rape you when you're drunk off your ass, so she will live off of your child support for the next 18 years when she gets pregnant.

You've just avoided her grand scheme. Good job.