By anonymous - 05/07/2011 04:32 - United States

Today, my girlfriend and I were having sex in the janitor's closet of the pet store where I work. We were really getting into it when we were rudely interrupted by dozens of salamanders crawling up our legs. I had forgotten to lock the cage before we started. FML
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incorporate them

Save the sex for at home, darling. Or a hotel/motel room! Anywhere else and you're BEGGING for trouble!


incorporate them

That's a messy orgy

yummycupkake 0

you're a dog for having sex in a Pet Shop

nmearayta 0

I'm more of a snake guy myself

Op, you couldn't even wait till you got off work? You could have web done it in your car. No self control.

how romantic......

KingGeorgeGal 12

I honestly don't know how this is a FML , I saw I in moderate and I voted no because it's just dumb. It's not like you got caught and you deserved it for not locking the cage.

I guess they wanted to **** like rabbits.

that's super kinky. teach me your ways oh great one

iSitt 0

if they had waited till they got to the car, he would have written an fml about getting arrested.

Salamanders are slimy.

Male salamanders drug and rape the females.

Really.. a PET STORE!? Do you not have a bedroom?

Who let the Salamanders out? Squeak, Squeak, Squeak, Squeak, Squeak! (For this song salamanders squeak.)

I want squeaking pet salamanders.

Why was a salamander cage in the janitors closet?

MissBoo101 0

more of rightly interrupted, I was going nuts tying to figure out my my dogs keep humping! you scarred them!!!!

Leapin' lizards!

salamanders FTW ?

bluekid7 5

mammals can't have all the fun

When I first saw your picture,I thought she was were pancakes on her head.

Mau5Trap 0

#153 but she is.....

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ydi for being stupid

Epsilonyx 15

Are you stupid or are you just stupid?

hey be nice... he's just trying to be kinky ;)

I think he's both actually.

RainbowHeadache 2

I was thinking the same thing, 3. Though, would he have still said he was "rudely" interrupted if it had been his boss who had walked in on him? (or crawled up his leg.)

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kkspears wat is that a picture of

it looks like a scratch drawing of a giraffe

YDI for various reasons but top one being why the janitor's closet? LUH-me.

I think the real question would be why NOT, the janitors closet.

Save the sex for at home, darling. Or a hotel/motel room! Anywhere else and you're BEGGING for trouble!

yummycupkake 0

I dont think they could wait and make it to the bedroom. better there then the car lmao ;)

6- where's your sense of adventure?? Lol

What's with all the FML's about sex in public?

jrmetz -- I have plenty of sense of adventure. My sense just doesn't require getting it on in public. I find it a lot more romantic in the bedroom, and a lot more comfortable. Then again, I'm not a horny teenager who thinks that they need a high score for banging.

the car's windows would fog up like in the titanic.

6- A.) Neither am I, far from being a teenager, much less a horny one... B.) I was half just messin with ya, so lighten the hell up; I honestly don't care where people choose to have sex ... C.) I'm not sure how sex in a janitors closet surrounded by salamanders is 'public'

123 - Hey, totally normal teenager here is a bit offended. >;(

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get em 152! haha

YDI for nothing paying attention

chaoticnh 0

"for nothing paying attention"? -_- smh

Yeah obviously he deserves it for committing such a blasphemous act. I mean what was he thinking by not being on the lookout for an army of salamanders while having sex??

I think you mean "for not paying attention"

thrAsHeRr9081 16

No shit, 64.

haha 99

Kinky, I would have finished.



that's a turnoff

is this pic in Boston hunterc?

* turn on

Lots of things crawled up your legs that day.

either they were loving the show or they felt the need to stop u guys coz it was soo horrid D: