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Today, my friends took my phone and changed all the contact's names to characters from Harry Potter. I have over a hundred contacts and no idea who I'm talking to. I've been texting Draco Malfoy for 4 hours now. FML
By MissMSE / Friday 18 September 2009 08:41 / Canada
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  gigi37  |  0

Is it possible it's the same person? I'm not being sarcastic, I am really just asking. I'm sure it's not, but who knows..

OP: Just make up one of those stupid facebook events and pretend like you got a new phone or all your contacts were erased from your current phone and tell everyone to text you their name.

  MasterAhmed  |  0

Wow im SOOOOOOO doing this to my friend's phone >:]

btw OP: its not that hard just say it like this

Hey, whats up, all of my contacts were erased so i need ur name and number again. ty buddy :D

  tigerrr  |  0

why does he need to get a life? MLIA is waaay better than FML, he's just calling the OP out for being an idiot.

and OP, even if this really did happen, its not an FML, its hilarious! hahaha

  ohnomama  |  0

Have you considered the possibility that this person possibly posted on both MLIA and FML in hopes that it would appear on atleast one of the sites?

  Shanx  |  0

the fact that he knows that this has been on another site shows that he has no life other than sitting home all day and going to websites like mlia and bitching about it here saying that it was already posted..seriously? go outside chill with friends, go watch a movie.

  Arenick  |  0

yeh and sitting on the computer and arguing with someone about two websites is a fantastic definition of a life. Why don't you go to the movies with some friends instead of reading all the fml comments

  Jaded_anna420  |  11

I was reading the comments on this thread so I challenged myself to think of 100 Harry Potter characters without looking it up... It took me 10 minutes.... I may have a problem.