By Unluckiest Guy of the group - 28/09/2011 19:26 - United States

Today, my friends and I were having a conversation about which mythical creature would be the most unlikely to exist in the real world. They all collectively agreed that it would be a girl who is attracted to me. FML
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ILoveTabz 0

Maybe you two can have cute little creature babies together

LizetteBerenice 22

Aww :(


LizetteBerenice 22

Aww :(


YDI for even having such a dumb convo

TheRealBruce 12

Well they are no different than you they are talking about mythological creatures they won't have a girlfriend any time soon

Damn_Hippster 11

Although that might be what your friends think, I still think it's unicorns.

I bought a unicorn once but then found out it was a malnourished rhinoceros with a high horn

fthislyfe 22

I'm attracted to you!!!!!!!

Were you guys baked? :p

I think OP's to sensitive.

fakeaccountX 6

You should have answered back with "a group of friends I can respect".

fthislyfe 22

60: It never hurts to build someone's confidence

perdix 29

65. That's a sweet thought, but it's also how stalkers and creepers get started. Once you tell some loser you are attracted to him, he might never let it go. Only call truly attractive people attractive. If you want to be nice to an ugly guy, call him sweet or a good person -- he'll get the hint that his face looks like an ugly dog's ass.

fthislyfe 22

71: I know. Telling someone: "I'm attracted to your personality" equals: "you're soooooooooooooooooo ugly"

MrBoredGuy 1

OP could just date Bigfoot

You know what you have to do OP? Get a girlfriend. That'll show them!

rudysayshi 4

he did set himself up though but that does suck

Well OP, maybe there's a nice man out there for you...

winter_or 0

Lol nice of them. May I suggest new friends?

Megan36 3

awww I'm so sorry ;( this happens to me all the time my friends always say I will never be happy because I will nv have a bf cause I'm so ugly

#13 is right. He deserves it for being in such a stupid conversation.

gators1995 30

That is messed up

ILoveTabz 0

Maybe you two can have cute little creature babies together

reproducing with a girl that doesn't exist? thats some powerful sperm!

ILoveTabz 0

Yes powerful sperm is very rare these days

ILoveTabz 0

I don't think it's chuck Norris dear

41 is Chuck Nurris, Chuck Norris' long lost cousin?

brando_jones96 0

chuck norris might be gay...

78, you crazy bastard, what if Chuck Norris reads that?

Then he will round house kick him

Chuck Norris said he was hungry for people who say he's gay.

ILoveTabz 0

This is such a random conversation haha

MrBoredGuy 1

Chuck Norris is a homophobic piece of shit, true fact, he might as well lead the westboro baptist church

SirObvious 1


brando_jones96 0

im just sayin...hes always with other guys and ive never seen him with a chick. but thats just the amurcan way, aint it?

Joshoa123 16

All glory to the Hypnotoad.

ninja7117 0

no, Chuck Norris is not gay and never will be gay. because Chuck Norris is a man and real men are not gay.

123- No, the "American" way does not involve being homosexual. It involves Big Macs, beer, hot dogs, and a nice ball game to watch.

167 - and subsequent obesity.

maz255 10

167...and proud of it WOOO AMERICA!!!! *waits for thumbs down from non-americans* c' know you wanna

TheBitchOfChuckN 7

123-Jackass, he has a wife and two children.

Yes. All Americans are fatasses. Good thing we're the only country that can afford to do that. (I'm looking at you Greece)

TheRealEllieSan 9

106- it's Bazinga, not zing

Jesus can walk on water, but chuck Norris can swim through land.

brando_jones96 0

im sorry 4 not knowing chuck just sayin... i still luv walker texas ranger no matter what!

stephanieeDawnx 0

123 & 120. I hope Chuck Norris pees on you. That is all.

deadandlovingit 0

FYL and yay me 1st ^_^

Yay! First fail!

iknowimawesome 13

No! You third!

Me stoopid.

>2011 >announcing your comment number. I hope you don't do this.

olpally 32

That's why you get thumbs down for not being first and no one cares anyways..Way to go smart one...

anteup623 14

You need new friends, hombre. And the answer is sphinx. Bam.

Takador 3

Unicorns ARE real!!!

I would've gone with the chupacabra but I guess a sphinx works

ReynshineCutting 10

Unicorns are totally real. I have one. Look at my picture. Duh.

Cthulhu isn't a mythological creature, unless you live in lovecraft's universe But still cthulhu is the coolest galactic evil god in the universe

I swear to Christ, I snorted when I read this one...

TorturedXeno 27

I hope OP manages to have a camera on hand when he spots a girl who is attracted to him. So far evidence remains scarce of such a creature's existence. I'm just messing with you, OP. I'm pretty sure your friends were doing the same. Two of my dollars say that OP wasn't even offended when this happened but decided to make an FML out of it just to entertain the rest of us. :) Wouldn't be the first time I've seen something like this.

I'm sure you will discover that species some day:)

In the magical land of imagination is the only place he's finding her

It would make sense if it was a mermaid or something but I'm sure there's a girl out there, you just have to find her. FYL for having rude friends (if any of that makes sense?) haha(:

dcg1375 7

Not rude. Just sarcasm. And if you can't be sarcastic with your friends then FYL.

I'm going to get thumbed down for this but, I don't get it.

Op was having a convo on which type of creature (mythical as in may or may not exist.) and they said it would b a girl that is attracted to op (its saying that not even in myths would a girl like op)

They were discussing mythical creatures that couldn't possibly exist, Which is a pointless topic to be discussing. But they decided it would be a girl that likes the OP implying that no girls like him.

They were debating what creature is least likely to exist, they picked "a girl thats attracted to OP" as the least likely to exist, beating the likes of unicorns, dragons, and pokemon

UrLyfSuxx 0

I thumbed up.

Ok I get it. Thanks, sorry for the late reply...

The truth hurts

pantherpride98 10

Ya, after a while, u get use to it. I did.

Why so emo? :(

Coming from someone using a picture of Alex Evans. Truth hurts (:

No one can handle the truth


101 you're 13 way too young to be so depressing, go be happy, and rescue the shit out of more animals

awhh, that suckss. maybe your babies will her will be cute(:

you have to admit, they have an awesome sense of humor; you just got owned.