By MadMax - 16/07/2009 14:59 - United States

Today, my friend awoke me because I was talking in my sleep. When I asked her what I was talking about she replied with, "Let's just say you were having tea with the Queen of England. And a duck. You're really good at quacking." FML
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You were having a sex dream. Don't lie.

hahaha that's really funny


hahaha that's really funny

looool. but that's not really an FML...

agreed. this doesnt really suck unless you were over at a huge sleep over with people you were trying to impress.

yeaaah, this isnt rele an FML but its hilariouss xD

Take it as a compliment OP!

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She was sleeping, she couldn't help it.

ha, don't know if I would believe your friend

this isn't really an fml. but its funnyyy!

That's not an FML. You were having a weird dream, so what? It's pretty funny though.

You were having a sex dream. Don't lie.

A sex dream with a duck and the Queen of England? That makes the dream even more weird..

That sounds like a pretty awesome type of sex dream to be honest. I mean, how good can they get? It's royalty and bestiality combined

this isn't even funny. this is a waste of an fml.

I once quoted part of a game in my sleep, according to my friends. Just keep in mind that your friend might just be trying to screw with you.