By hamandegger - 04/02/2013 20:17 - United States - Raynham

Today, my friend asked me to fix his laptop for him because it is loaded with viruses. When I turned it on and started searching for the problem, I couldn't find it. Luckily I was able to find a video of him banging my girlfriend. We've been together for eight years. FML
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Fuck cheaters.

Casually mention that your girlfriend is also loaded with viruses.


Sorry to hear your troubles OP. I know this doesn't help but maybe you have a new laptop? Be positive!!!

tjv3 10

Man OP I hope you kicked his ass and dumped the girl. Man that sucks I hate cheaters

If you can't beat'em, join'em.

A laptop filled with viruses and a single porn video. I'd chalk that up as a win..

what's op mean +

Why would he want a laptop with a video of his girlfriend getting pounded by another dude?

110, OP - Original Poster.

A straight answer for once

110, #124 is joking. It's actually Obese Penguin.

you_failed 15

Obnoxious Porcupine

Overlarge Penis

CallMeMcFeelii 13

It means Obtuse Pineapple! Come on guys, don't lie to the poor kid.

Original potato

Octagonal Platupus

Ovarian professor.

Orange penis

tmmundy 17

#162...This one is my favorite out if all the "op's". Just imagine a guy getting a spray tan...lmao.

It's Optimus Prime. Everyone knows that. Don't know where you mad fools are getting all these other ideas from.

Everyone is lying to you, it's Octopus Pussy.

119- to beat off to until he finds another girl...

What if his I hope ex friend wants to ruin this relationship and photoshopped the whole thing!!

^that would take a lot of time and energy! It isn't easy to go frame by frame and place his face in each shot that the guy's face is shown. OP, you'll get a way better gal!

Because he's hopefully smart enough to delete the video? :-P

I don't get it, why is everyone lying? :( OP stands for Dick Face, duh

Maybe he knew you would find the video but wanted you to understand what is going on without having to tell you. I doubt it though... Sorry op!

Dirk the pizza jerk. (WKUK reference)

Maybe 18 is right he didn't wanna tell you in person but wanted show proof shame on them both though sorry op

That bastard didn't have balls to confront op.

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Truthful "good"?

Fuck cheaters.

I think his friend already did.

low blow 12.. sorry you had to deal with that OP

And cheat fuckers.

ninjajoehenes48 8

Lol, that comment is awesome.

Payback time, you have a video of them cheating. Be creative...

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I agree with 159, vengeance taste good.

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If your not in a relationship to be committed to someone. Then don't be in one. Every cheaters karma should be harsh and severe.

He did... that was the problem LOL

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Damn straight...

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Maybe you're an ass, #5.

nnnope 26

I kind of see what 5 means, but that's no reason for her to cheat. If she was concerned about that, she could talk to him about it any time. She probably didn't because odds are she's been cheating on him a long time.

What if they've been dating since they were 14 and haven't found the right time to get hitched? Or what if they don't want to get married? There's no excuse for cheating.

greatgal369 2

Exactly #46 I've been with my boyfriend for about 7 years and I would never do anything like that to him... Don't blame OP for anything the best friend and girlfriend are just huge jerks!

baileygirl88 8

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136, if I were you, I would also try to fix my bestfriend computer. Maybe he has a message for you.

nnnope 26

"I would never cheat on my boyfriend, but" ^ should never be said.

fishstick557 14

25 you took the words out of my mouth .... Fingers ... Fingers

Okapi_fml 12

If a girl can take the initiative to cheat on her partner, I don't see why she can't take the initiative and propose herself. If that was indeed her biggest issue.

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#33 Or maybe they've made a mutual decision not to get married but either way it's no excuse for cheating.

so fucking other dudes help her problem of not getting asked the question? dumb ass

Bang his head against the wall then kick his balls hard. That should keep him from banging anyone.

adam_night 9

Agreed, then do awful things to his now ex gfs car

Actually, in this event, you do it twice as hard.

Yeah 118, if I banged my best friend's girlfriend and he found me out, I would completely expect multiple kicks to the balls. I would deserve it.

It is almost necessary, we need to try an make sure the sub human scum that are cheaters do not reproduce.

TwiztedYuri 9

@118 was a bestfriend now a nobody, was a girlfriend, now a slut. Personaly if a man fucks the person you live all rules go out the window the Bro code doesn't exist at that point. light his laptop on fire send him the vid of his laptop burning. and send the slut the vid if them two fucking. tell her to have fun. or die... your choice.

Smash him with the laptop.

How about a video of you banging his laptop?

But he'll get infected with the virus if he does.

Allornone 35

Just use protection

Yeah. I recommend Norton brand protection over Kaspersky. At least I feel better using it. ;)

154 - What ever else happens, be very careful if you decide to use trojans. A mix-up would be tragic.

Fitting punishment. Hear hear.

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What kind of idiot plans that? "I know, I'll let him find the video of my banging his gf so that he'll be super pissed at me and break up with her! I'm a great person!"

Well seeing as he couldn't find any problems it seems probable. He cheated with his buddy's long term girlfriend, my guess is he didn't want to get beaten to death. I'm not saying its right, but there is nothing right about this situation anyways. It was probably his way of coming clean.

It is possible that she cheated because she was mad that he would not take their relationship to the next level. There is still no excuse for what she did. If she was not happy then she should have broken up with him. It is bad enough that she cheated but with his best friend? She is a horrible person.

Never said it was his "best" friend, although it seems it usually is... Damn, maybe its better not to have any close friends at all!

I hope you broke his computer!