By fatlady - United States
Today, my friend and I went to the park. I bet my friend I could fit into the swing that was sized for toddlers. I managed to fit in, but I couldn't get out. My friend had to call 911 to get me out. When they finally did, the fireman told me that fat ladies shouldn't try stuff like that. FML
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  lakk30  |  0

I'm sick of people complaining on this site because they are fat. just lose some weight and this won't happen. I'm also surprised that you were able to even use a computer as you're enough of an idiot to try to shove your fat ass into a kids swing.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

Not only that but she wouldn't have even attempted it. Maybe the fireman said it because she is an irritating arse who does stupid things and uses 911 to bail her out.

  AnonymousGalifrey  |  1


  wowthatssad  |  0

Wait a minute, you called 911? I didnt know they were trained to get fatasses out of swings. Anybody could have gotten you out. Stop wasting people's time when they might actually have to respond to a REAL emergency.

And incase you ever ARE in a real emergency, don't call. This world would be better off with 1 less dipshit.


I agree completely. if your fat and you have issues in life because of being fat, you definitely deserve what ever you get. don't say it's genetic; it really is in my family and I'm below the normal weight for my age and can do any kind of aerobic (or anareobic) exercise you might care to name.

  ladiesman14  |  0

see what im talking about #27. 911 had to take this call to get a fat person out of a swing. the cops, fire, etc had to drop everything to help. i dont think this is any different than calling 911 for retarded ex stalker boyfriends.

  Cristaderzi  |  0

Thats like those imbeciles who whine and call 911 as if anyine would miss them if they did off themselves!
Like that song says learn swim you fat homo suicidal imbeciles cause in 2012 Moms gonna fix everything!!

By  hk_fml  |  9

xD Most normal sized people can't fit in the toddler swings, so I don't really think that you're actually that fat. But I can understand why the fireman was pissed. When he goes home and his kid asks him what heroic act he accomplished that day, he'll get to explain how he saved a stupid girl from a baby swing.

By  AlterEggo  |  0

YDI for getting yourself in the situation. If you ARE fat, YDI for that reason also. Being fat is almost always a choice. Only those with thyroid problems can get away with it. Which, btw, is about one person for every 250.

  hberri331  |  18

There are plenty of other health conditions that cause ppl do gain weight and have a hard time loosing it. A lot more than just thyroid disease. Some can be neurological where the part of the brain the tells you that you are full doesn't work properly. Some ppl can take meds that cause them to gain large amounts of wait no matter whAt they do.