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Today, my fiancée and I were making plans for our wedding when my soon-to-be mother-in-law chimed in with, "You know, she can still get out of this. I got the dress for her but we can save it for the next guy." I'm not sure if she's joking or not. FML
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she sure knows how to be rude, well good luck for your wedding :)

Listen to your heart, not your relatives.


she sure knows how to be rude, well good luck for your wedding :)

She's got a point. I think OP should watch out....Just kidding

I'd chime in with a "haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door" No... It's much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality

That comment makes no sense. Why would she save the dress for the next GUY, when her SON is getting married? He's obviously straight, so...

It's OP's soon-to-be mother-in-law. His fiancé's mom.

Monster in law haha good luck op

Listen to your heart, not your relatives.

My heart beats, it's so abusive. You should consider what your relatives have to say, but your relatives shouldn't be douchcanoes about whatever they say.

Mary him and deal with your mother later today is your day!

Freaking in laws. Good luck things may or may not get better. Some advice: never bad mouth a woman's mom.

mother in laws can be treacherous

She probably wasn't joking.

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More like monster-in-law

Daaaaamn. Brutal. Good thing she's not the one you're marrying and you have your family for you guys to celebrate the holidays with still. Good luck and congrats!

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Just focus on getting married then deal with the monster in law after