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  diidiimi  |  10

my cat's Muslim. It never occurred to me to ask her before this, but I just did and she told me. Our family is mostly Christian and atheist, but apparently she was born into a muslim cat-family, and has been devout since she was a kitten. it's why she's so fussy about food and personal hygiene.


Religion is a retarded disease. All it does is slow down the progress of science. The Bible, which is a fiction novel written by schizophrenics with delusions of grandure, is no more the truth than what OJ Simpson told his jury. (;

  browniegrl  |  4

a "firm believer" would know that, according to the Christian doctrine, animals don't have souls and therefore cannot be born again. not that I believe in any of that, but that's the word.

  OWNZ  |  0

kitty hell Is horrible! They dont even bother changing the litter boxes, only get food twice a week and its that cheapo meijer brand! And the dogs...THEYRE EVERYWHERE!!


Really? Did God tell you that? Last time I heard, Jewish people were the chosen ones. Also, Jesus, your savior was Jewish. ALL MEN ARE EQUAL, DUMBASS. Well, unless you're like a terrorist or something.. Actually, nobody really knows for sure.. So just stfu.

  lilkamarciano  |  0

228- your right. it says in the bible that anyone who believes and accepts jesus's name will enter into the kingdom of heaven. dosent matter who you Are. but it also says how the Jewish people betrayed him. no one is really "chosen" were all equal in his eyes.