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Why would your dad want to know that...?


2 - Your picture frightens me.

i second that 79.

Haha fatbooth photos are the funniest. ;)

Nice 79. That was from the other day.

106 how do you know thats fatbooth!?

I like OPs dad he gets right to the point. Or in this case right to the tip

106 - well played

'dad he's bigger than yours'

#2 gets a thumbs up just for his face

Who said its fatbooth

2- grandpa, what big eyes you have:O

106. he's quoting another FML.

Why would your dad want to know that...?

Religious reasons, most likely.

Or pervert fetish reasons.

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OP say no he has a 4in foreskin

Are jew serious?

your cute..

67 hahahhaa your not funny now go dig a hole and don't come out until you get wiser :)

117-Diggy diggy hole?

No, 67 question IS actually relevant ! You muslimit negative comments about him.

Your father was rude to cut the conversation short.

117: i thought 67 was funny

I'm guessing Dad collects dried foreskins. When he has enough he's going to use them to make a collage of Jerry Springer. Hey, I said I was guessing?

what the hell!? lmfao!

pervert fetish reasons like collecting dry foreskin? D:

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Why? Is not being circumcised something to be ashamed of?

No, not at all. But it seems th

No, not at all. But the father seems pretty intent on his daughter's boyfriend being circumsized that I imagine that if they boyfriend were uncircumsized, it could be uncomfortable for the boyfriend, not that it already isn't. I guess I didn't make myself clear.

He might actually want the boyfriend to be uncircumcised (unlikely I know)

Wether you are or are not circumcised has no bearing on pleasure.

171- how would you know? Unless you got circumcised after you lost your virginity, which is highly unlikely. If you did, I have the highest respect for you because of the pain you would have to endure...

not true- the foreskin holds nerve cells that u get pleasure from. also from having no foreskin covering the rad your whole lode, the head is exposed and becomes desensitised.

*covering your head your whole life*

He's just worried about the level of pleasure he'll be providing you with. What a caring father. :')

Having more skin on your dick has nothing to Do with female pleasure...

That thought is mildly disturbing....

Torva, look it up. :p

Theres barley any difference. Sum girls even says it feels better

I've heard many girls say different, lol. BUT OKAY EVERYONE IS RIGHT I AM WRONG AND DUMB k

Arguing over what type of penis feels better is akin to arguing what type of fruit tastes better. It's different for everyone,. Statistics are also irrelevant, because either your girl likes it better or she doesn't. Or, maybe, she just doesn't give a shit.

Uncircumcised is slightly better- less friction.

102 - you certainly are. And a virgin, obviously!

It's not MORE skin Torva, it's the normal, natural skin we all guys come with at birth. It's not abnormal.

156 - Avoid speaking in absolutes some guys are born with out it. But it's recessive.

Was he wanting to know because secretly your father is a closet gay?.... Or did he look greasy and your father wanted to know if he was, "clean"?...

I'm a circumcised non Jew

I don't care.. :l

R u Jewish?

Say "none of your god damn business"!

Would you really do that?

His facial expression can say just that even if he chooses to answer politely. Dad's a creeper.

That must have been awkward for your boyfriend.

Well is he?

Did you bother looking at number 2's comment?

What did he ask after that? Are u bare or bushy? Jk thats really really awkward either way

He did not say anything else, as it clearly states that in the post

I know but I meant what if? Doesn't necessarily mean what OP posted is all the dad asked, it could have just been the ice breaker to many other awkward questions ya know?

I'm pretty sure "The only thing he said all evening" means, "The only thing he said all evening."