By livgasms - United Kingdom
Today, my family decided it would be hilarious to catch the biggest moths they could and let them loose in my room. I'm terrified of moths and they thought it would be 'funny as hell' to watch me freak out. FML
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  fmlwinnn  |  0

Why the hell is it so hard for people to understand that phobias are fears that people can't get over themselves and it's not funny at all? I have Arachnophobia, and people think it's hilarious to pick up a spider and throw it at me. Guess what? It's not! And it's not helping the phobia either.

  iluvhobos  |  5

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  zukinihudini  |  0

16- Its funny because its not me, I will openly admit that if it was me i wouldnt think its funny but they would have to put something else in my room because im not scared of moths

  Bludmagnus  |  13

You are just an ass, my friend.

People like you deserve to have shit like this done to you. Somewhere, right now, one of your friends is calling to see if they can get you on "Scare Tactics", I'll bet.

By  DjeePee  |  24

And now the time has arrived where you, OP, need to search for 1) professionel help to learn how to face your fears without freaking out and 2) their biggest fears. Let them freak out, I'm sure it will be funny as hell.

  NomadicFlo  |  4

21 - Agreed. It's merely people making connections between deeds, balancing out the good and bad. Since there are always good and bad things happening in one's life, it makes the task simple and thus believable.

By  Ldesu  |  0

The next morning, wake up early and cook them a nice breakfast with some nice coffee. Letting them know there's ground moths in their food and coffee is your choice though.

  audiophileMom  |  11

#9 op will not touch them, how will tbey manage their way into the food? I'd opt for a strong laxative... Hate moths - and hate op's family now, too. That's just too mean to be funny.