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Today, my eldest daughter announced she was getting divorced. She never even told me she was married. FML
By Kimel / Friday 22 January 2016 00:11 / France
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  sarianna  |  10

Not everyone has parents who are supportive in the first place. I have no expectation of my parents going to my eventual wedding because they're super conservative and refuse to even acknowledge when I mention my longterm partner in conversation. Do you not think it goes both ways?

  ChiefKoala  |  30

#13, my parents are the same way. They don't know I'm lesbian, but I know they wouldn't come to my wedding. And I really don't want them to because whenever they discover something about me (And when i mean discover I really mean they either snoop through my facebook friends or trash my room, usually to discover that I have a book on Wicca or read my journal) they play the victim if it doesn't involve something they agree with. I'm genuinely afraid that they would show up to my wedding unannounced and make a huge scene. I'm 21, but I can't support my financially so I'm stuck living with these people. Unfortunately, that doesn't even crack the ice on what they've done.

  Randomouse  |  11

13: I agree that it goes both ways. My point here is that if the kid didn't want her parent to know about the happiest day of her life (because she thought they wouldn't be supportive or whatever reason) why did she contact the same parent in case of a divorce?

By  amelitaliz  |  22

Looks like you didn't miss anything important anyways, if it was over that fast!

  Setareh23  |  34

Sure there are. Maybe their parents were shitty parents. Either abusive (emotional or physical), neglectful, or maybe they just plain ran off at some point and maybe send a birthday card or call every now and then. Maybe the parents were terrible to the guy when he was a just a bf for stupid reasons, like his race, and she just didn't want to have to deal with them and the risk that they try to sabotage the wedding. Etc etc... If, as someone else commented, there was indeed some sort of rift in the relationship at some point, OP can choose to either use this time to try and fix things, or just stay angry and keep things the way they are. Or maybe she's just a sucky daughter. Who knows...

  ChiefKoala  |  30

As I said in another comment. My parents don't respect my privacy and then whenever they trash my room and find something (like a book on paganism and witchcraft or my journal that they nosed through or, most annoyingly, when Children's services were called because of the abuse that went on) they would play victim. They don't know I'm a lesbian, and I'm definitely not inviting them to my wedding because I'm afraid they're going to make a huge scene about how "How I could hurt them like that" or "Why don't you love us?" (They have used both of those before when my dad nosed through my facebook and saw that I was a lesbian, which I was able to convince him otherwise). I'm stuck living with them right now, but when I move out I'm gone, and I"m going to be burning bridges and destroying the land and whatever else I have to do so they don't stay in my life.

By  sturschaedel  |  27

Sometimes parents try to control so much of their childrens' life that they provoke being excluded. If that was the case you could try to back off once she gets to know a new partner and thus make her include you more.

  Kitsune_Tearz  |  11

well if they live far away like my one sister it wouldn't be that hard not to see her that often, and if she had purposely hidden the wedding she could have easily hid being married....

By  darshini_ii  |  24

She doesn't deserve your support if she didn't let you in on her happiness. Though I think it's time to find out why she considered it was necessary to hide it from you.