By Leashaness - 15/09/2012 11:07 - United States

Today, my doctor informed me that the pea-sized bump under my arm is a "third breast". That is not what I meant every time I said I wanted more tits. FML
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Supernumerary breasts are very common. It's nothing to worry about. Maybe you can even get a job as a prostitute on Mars!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm reading the same FML as some of these commenters....


I'd still do that.

OP is a faggot.

MonsterCommenter 4

This comment is irrelevant. Please, crawl into a hole and die.

21 - Seriously? Go die. I know you're trying to make yourself sound "cool" and all, but using a homophobic slur isn't going to do that for you.

Can someone tell me what 21's comment was about, please? I missed it.

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1,2,4,5,6,8, and 9 are all thumbed down... It is a thumbadeggon!

nelds 12

31, I'm not sure what 21 said but don't ever tell people to go die, you heartless arse.

44 - Heartless? Right, because standing up for the LGBTTQ community is heartless. Secondly - I've had friends die because of the word. If you don't know what happened, why comment?

31, you have no right to speak to 56 that way... She's way hotter than you, anyway.

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Everybody here thats debating and wondering, 21's comment called the OP a homophobic slur. His comment was posted one minute before my original one, so i know exactly what he said, but I can't tell you for fear of being moderated):

You're all fags.

better watch what you say OP

Yeah , gotta be careful what you wish for

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I could swear I've seen an FML almost exactly like this.

I'm sure your boyfriend won't mind…

Sometimes I wonder if I'm reading the same FML as some of these commenters....

I wanna know if you can feel pleasure from it the same way as the other 2.

I would actually be turned off by an arm third nipple.

Got one too, just say it's a spider bite(:

Why would anyone be looking under OP's arm for her to have to say "it's a spider bite"?

Perhaps a sexual partner.

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That's a weird place for a breast... -.-

Sorry 6, I was commenting on another comment but I think it got deleted in the process of writing:/

im gonna go ahead and call fakesies, i just saw an fml very much like this one in the random section the other day

No, it's actually really common. My cousin has a third boob on her back.

Don't tell anybody else, they might call you triple nipple!

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It's a little late for OP to refrain from mentioning it to anyone else, don't ya think?

Pretty sure #8 meant in person.

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There are no nipples on extra breasts he sure it's not cancer?

well if he can't tell the difference then he's a damn useless doctor

Ah, those useless doctors. One once told me I had swine flu when I just had a UTI.

Well, I got told I had depression when I had a sinusitis. Always a good idea to check what your doctor says...

I've mistaken a harmless lump for cancer and vice versa. It's impossible to tell based on how it feels.

And that's why doctors never base diagnoses like that by just an external examination, but will always do a biopsy :)

That, and because of heartless, insensitive, money driven lawyers

Be careful what you wish for.

...Punk." ~Clint Eastwood

Because you just might get it.

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~Eminem :)

Congrats on being the first non-thumbed down comment on this whole thread.

This is the first comment not to be thumbed down like 40 times. Wow. congrats man. Anyways, people always say be careful what you wish for.

cheshireau 26

Or beggars can't be choosers?