By Anonymous - 07/12/2010 02:58 - United States

Today, my daughter and husband decided to surprise me at work. A whole bunch of my co-workers were standing around me when she ran up and hugged me. Her face is level with my crotch. She immediately jumps back from the hug and says "ewwww smells like fish." FML
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petite_amber150 0

gross. wash much?

price check on vagiclean, I repeat, price check on vagiclean


petite_amber150 0

gross. wash much?

jamieeeee 0

I second that.. gross.

MaximilianMarche 0

I had to read it. but then I got a mental picture and smell and wished I hadn't. time to to shower and douche. twice daily please

>her face is level with my crotch Am I the only one who feels awkward because this statement was included?

op daughter smelt something fishy....yea I went there.

that's fucking funny

~gags~ nasty I thought I was creepy she added the statement her face level with my crotch

ewww please clean yourself. and smack your daughter with your crotch as punishment .

DaveOnDope 4

Umm, yeah.

caelrion 1

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77- what language do you think she is speaking?

14 - Clearly you know nothing of the female anatomy. Douches are bad for the pH balance of the vagina, therefore should not be used. EVER. They lead to infections, among other things. Secondly, showers are only necessary once a day unless you'd been doing hard, laborious work (ie roofing, construction...). If you're cleaning yourself properly during ONE shower, you shouldn't need to clean yourself (unless you already HAVE an infection...) more than once a day.

WallyTheWombat 0

87, let's not forget the main point behind 14's post. She needs to clean down there better because stinky vags are fuckin grosssssss.

zkchild 0

Vagiclean aisle 5.

93 - Which is why I said provided you're showering and cleaning PROPERLY, daily, there shouldn't be an issue.

goes great with your man's tartar sauce

I bet his wife is a fish.

ladybugobgyn 0

It's possible she has a bacterial infection, which does produce a fishy odor. She likely needs to see her doctor. Douching, as stated before is terrible for the vaginal flora. It can lead to an overgrowth of bacteria and yeast which normally live in the vagina at healthy levels.

VeeVengeance 0

hahahahaha he laughed! ^

alizzette_nabash 6

it can often smell like that if she is on her period too which she can't help

funny 142 mentioned period when 140's picture is a bloody tempon

144- "tempon"??? it looks like one giant nasty pad to me, not so much a tampon

Cute kid : )

Damnit!! that was meant for 131, the kid in the fml is NOT cute.

wash yourself op .

haquai 0

I'm surprised you got anyone to knock you up in the first place with that stench

your comment was a reply to #2 because...?

1 & 2 were written at the same time, that could be why they are slightly the same? /:

giantsfan2010 23

Maybe OP just finished a tuna sandwich?

GuitarNukka520 5

or perhaps just spilled some on her lap earlier in the day :o

what does OP and YDI stand for?

OP means original poster. YDI means you deserve it.

BadasS14 0

it mean Optimous Prime

orgasmitron's pussy.

zkchild 0

Our pedophile

3, one can only hope. Who's genital stench is so strong that it can be smelled through their clothes? Ugh.

#7 what was he doing, fucking the sandwich?

blackie17 0

this ones my favorite :D 103's is just stupid

Octo-pussy....she's the latest James Bond girl.

baddawg365 0

no a fish taco

I thought it meant orgy of penguins or something of that nature.

Yes. She ate a tuna sandwich and pooped it out of her vagina.

GuitarNukka520 5

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snickers001 0

hahaha agreed :)

yomama97 5

not really....douching is bad for you.

price check on vagiclean, I repeat, price check on vagiclean

zattele 3

or FDS, or Vagisil, plain soap and water, but if the odor is so strong ask your Gyn OP, it could be a sign that somenthing is wrong, a lot of times women are embarrased to talk to their doctors about these type of issues but trust me they probably seen it (smelled) before, so go ahead and ask.

it's from Me Myself and Irene moron hahahaha!

lmao what's the matter honey? little extra cheese on the taco?

me myself and irene! hahaha. classiQ

I created a Letterman countdown and your comment was #1. This is classic and just wrong. lmmfao. You will be punished but in the meantime Love Peace and Chicken Grease. :) Oh I posted it on facebook.

Sukismama 2

Lmfao. Love that movie

^ did u think maybe she was just posting on a short thread so it would be read? You moron... fYl dipshit

mz_booty 0

does ur hinny go down on you? if not that's the problem!!

mz_booty 0


mz botty, your beyond hot, just saying

Wow Mz Booty! You are sexy! That aside, op, you might want to shave there?

Mr_Zachary 0

Because nobody lies on the interwebs... Geezers.

yeah mz booty the pic you found on the internet of that model's body is hot

mz_booty 0

thank you and no wasn't a picture I found!!

mz_booty 0

#60 fail!


hahaha what did you type in google I want a full image of that body

love0128 5

That's not really her body. if it were, she would show her face.

We can solve this easily. "Ms. Booty", kindly change your profile picture to another, proving that you look the same in each. If you don't change it (because you don't have one) or you don't look the same, we're right. If you do look the same and it's not a pic off the internet, we're sorry.

I applaud you for actually showing your face and not being a poser like yellow bikini girl who is obviously a fake. But I'm sure it's easy for you cuz ur a Canadian hottie ;)

WallyTheWombat 0

There's a site for this.... tineye I think it's called. upload an image and it searches for other locations of the image. I'd look but I'm on an iPhone.

posted towards #60

DonJuan_13 0

hey ms booty wanna get fucked up and make a mistake with me?

95/Wally - While I didn't think of that and that's good to know, assuming Ms. Booty didn't know before, now she does. LOL

ladybugobgyn 0

mz booty, have a couple of kids and try to claim that pic. I call fail on the fake pic. not cool to try and make us 'normal' gals feel poorly about ourselves. what is it that you do with your life? you may look hot in a bikini, but I could save your life. my booty may jiggle, but at least my money maker will never sag and leave me broke and alone!

mz_booty 0

your ok for 63?? lol

mz_booty 0

well I'm here to comment on the fml's so if u want to comment on my pic, be a hater, be rude or waste your time go ahead :)

mz_booty 0

132# I'm normal too... and who's to say I don't have kids either!! I bet your beautiful inside and out and that's all that matters :)

jckbco 0

or you could just believe her

I suggest taking a shower once in a while.

Nasty A.F. Its Called Soap N Water...AND IN YOUR CASE,Much Of it

Ugh. That is terrible. You scarred your daughter for life. At least she will learn from your mistakes(:

maybe you should see a doctor about your vaginal discharge...