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Today, my dad watched his first Lord of the Rings marathon. Now he keeps spouting lines from the movies, and thought it'd be funny to hide in my closet, just to jump out at me screaming, "My precious!" FML
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You have a fun dad

Awww, you're his precious! That means he's willing to fall into an active volcano for you.


You have a fun dad

haha your dad is awesome! hey you really shouldn't complain just because he does a little bit of weird things here and there. I don't even have a relationship with my dad

Hahahah this reminds me of the FMl with the dad who hid in the closet dressed like a clown and jumped out - only that is 50 times scarier

Awww, you're his precious! That means he's willing to fall into an active volcano for you.

He's also willing to kill his best friend in the world for you.

Yeah, take a note not to get between your dad and any rings in the future..

26- Lets hope he doesn't want to get remarried to someone OP doesn't like then..

And start talking to seemingly himself, while starting a good amount of wars over your destruction.

Or bite off the guy's finger that's inside you! ...okay... I see the line now.

If he really wanted to make it realistic he could bite off your finger.

bamagrl410 31

But that IS funny... to everyone who isn't you.

Lol, he sounds like a good dad. Consider yourself lucky.

Not surprised. After I saw the movie for the first time, all I would do for the next hour is crawl on the floor towards my girlfriend saying, "My precious" in Golam's voice.

Me and my best friend occasionally start humming/yelling the theme song at each other. Usually mid-class.

You literally are his precious though!

Daaaaaaaw. Your daddy loves you like Gollum loves the Ring of Power. That's a LOT of love. Also LOTR is awesome. That is all.

Funny! He loves you though. :)