By OhhhNooo - 14/03/2010 23:23 - United States

Today, my Dad told me that I was named after the dog he accidentally shot in the head as a teenager. FML
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BluPenguin 3

What a twist! That news must have struck you like a bullet!

persianality 0

was it Lassie?


BluPenguin 3

What a twist! That news must have struck you like a bullet!

lol, what must OP's name be? Rex?

anerdslover 0

lol!! 

murderface232 1

old yeller?

Pball11 0

Hmm, like a bunch of other people, I wonder what your name is. That could make your situation decent or terrible, either way I'd watch out before your dad shoots you in the head.

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tweetbaby14 18

this isn't an fml. so what he named you after a dog he shot. it's not like he tries to make up for it by feeding you treats or giving you all your food in a bowl with gravy on it.

Well would you want to be named after a dead dog?

man, that sucks fido...

just don't get rabies and you'll be fine

hawkster90 0

My question is, who clicked YDI? Kid didn't do anything to warrant getting a dead dog's name.

ravensunnyd 0

it be funny if he was named buttons

ladykat 0

Buttons! LOL

marleytooyou 0

wow that sucks major!!!! ur dad is an ass muncher!!!!

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Monikabug 9

Lol @1, I loved that. That's so weird, my uncle did the same thing to my cousin. But, OP, if the name works as a human name it is not so bad. FMyCousin'sLife for being named after a dog named Thor. FYL, for being named after a dog that your father accidently killed. :)

Them good old California rednecks.... but seriously how do you accidentaly shoot a dog in the head?

XYZzzzzzzz 0

lol cool

alleyx3, i love you.

be happy. its a name of justice XD

Felendris 0

is the grown up kid of the FML where the OPs kid got named Titan without her approval? o.O (ZOMG CONSPIRACY THEORY GOGO)

that sucks Fido fyl

Peacemaker9 7

and that name would be what exactly? cmon u gotta tell me plz!!!!!!! plz!!!!! plz!!!! plz!!!!! lol jking op but seriously what's the name? your father Atticus? Did the dog have rabies?

is the OP's name Kudjoe?

2 that's what I was thinking

he must be one of those sentimental types

fido's a zombie

I see what ya did thar

@105 No, that wasn't an accident

persianality 0

was it Lassie?

Free_Hugs10 0

My dog's name is Lassie 

how original.. :|

LucasVDB 23

I'm pretty sure it's Rover, it's Rover.

omg out of all the names in the world he couldn't decide on another name?

Because when OP was born his dad suddenly had the urge to do to him what he did to the dog.

BleuPapillon 0

50 - win

Dun Dun Duuuuunnnnn!

the plot thickens!

MasterOfTheXP 2


nomnommonster 0

Apolo! haha :]

Scruff McGruff?

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Roflmaaark 0

Man, that is twisted. Shoot your Dad in the head :P

prettybrwneyes16 0

well now I'm just wondering what your name is ?? haha