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Today, my dad told me I'm no longer allowed to see my boyfriend. Apparently there is a deer camera above my driveway that snaps pictures whenever it senses movement. Too bad I didn't know that when I was giving my boyfriend head in the driveway. FML
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Oh dear. That sucks

I think I saw these on redtube.


Oh dear. That sucks

You mean oh deer right?

HowAreYouToday 34

You shout have said "oh deer, that blows!" (because of the blow job and.... Ugh. I'm boring myself...) XD

Deer god.. that's kind of crazy. But don't perform sexual acts in your driveway, are you nuts? Beside the fact that your parents are weird and have a camera, ANYONE can see. Neighbors, whatever. If you were at your house already, you should've walked the few hundred feet to your bedroom.

Was the pun intended?

I see what you did there!

The fact that he had a deer camera suggests that perhaps they live in a rural area, so she can give all the head she wants! Until it gets caught on camera...

I must say that is an unusual place to chow down on a cock meat sandwich

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On the driveway? Really

Maybe it was in a car on the driveway and you could see through the windshield....

A similar thing happened to me, but my parents just had me apologize to his parents and he apologized to mine. They watch us like hawks now, but they're gone a lot..

oh deer, that blows that a deer HEAD caught you giving HEAD... i may have caught all the puns :)

I thought she was saying that it wasn't her giving the blow job? As in he cheated on her in her driveway..

Well you thought wrong.

what part of " when I was giving my boyfriend head" do you not understand???

YDI for being a slut-bag. If you're going to have sex atleast have some decency to do it in private

I think I saw these on redtube.

Nah was def spankwire. Who just gives a blowjob in the driveway? Seriously.. Wanna date?

It was pornhub guys I was on there this morning!

No guys it was on xnxx

Pretty sure it was on youtube.

pretty sure you just ruined it

Virgins, now bitching about thier favorite pornsites on fml

The Asians always ruin it!

lmao virgins indeed:3

You could still like porn and not be a virgin numb nuts

The driveway? Really?

Nice back very muscular.

I just want to throw it out there, you look very sexy in your picture. ;)

A guy like u shouldnt watch porn. YOU SHOULD DO PORN !

Put that deer head on ur wall

If she gives head in the driveway, God knows what she does in her room.

I wonder how many pictures it took

Daddy has probably accumulated an album...

He can make a flip book. If he flips it fast enough, he can watch his little princess do grown up things in moving pictures!

That had to be an awkward moment

why would you do that in the driveway? YDI

well deer I don't know what to say about that but DAMN that sucks!

Or damn that blows!

Suck works too, after all that's what she was doing ;)

you should tell him to get out of your business. fyl indeed. :(

Then she can also get out of his house.

You don't like the rules get out of his house!

Uhh, think maybe she's under 18 and he wont allow her out of his house? I'm pretty sure if she COULD leave she WOULD.

Why would she leave home,her dad is just doing what he thinks is best

Get out of here please. Your comments are dumb. Do us all a favor and pre read what you put on fml please. Thank you :)

But why in the driveway? :l

Because she was so horny she had to do him right there and couldn't make it to the bedroom?

I guess I can't speak from experience, but PRETTY SURE blowing a guy doesn't do anything for a girl. Just sayin.

I guess I can't speak from experience, but PRETTY SURE blowing a guy doesn't do anything for a girl. Just sayin.

Oh man, yes it does! My boyfriend, for example, is a super lucky one. I tend to prefer to do it for long periods of time to see the pleasure on his face. That's enough to send me wild!

Hahaha wow ^^

203- I honestly got a little horny reading that.

236 - sammmeee

Princess wants to be a pornstar! Everyone knows that sex in your bedroom is totes laaaaahme.

Driveway, wow you're a classy whore!! I bet your father is really proud.

thats imbarassing! But it made me laugh

Your spelling is embarrassing

But it made me laugh.

More embarrassing if she took the full facial ending. Swallowing just does not make good deer videos.

The dad will never look at her face the same way again...

Not without seeing a cock on her deer face

Sounds like a smart redneck... :O