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Today, my dad sat me and my sister down and give us a "talk". More like an angry irrational rant. He forbade us from being gay, marrying a Muslim or a black person, demanded kids from both of us, and threatened to disown us if we didn't. Where's my free will? FML
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It's either accidentally past tense or the primaries that I'm not sure have happened yet because I can't vote in them, even though I can vote in the general election (that's stupid)

  xmann277  |  13

Actually if you can vote in the general, you can vote in the primary. You can get your voting license early if you can prove you can vote in the general

  randommanwill  |  11

1) Ignore him, he's an idiot, be with the one with whom you fall in love.
2) How can anyone have voted for Trump when we haven't even had the primary election yet?

By  flare0  |  5

Let him disown you.. who would want a father who doesn't respect their choice anyways?
I don't know how close you are with him, but if you're told something like this I'd assume not very.

By  BloodyGlass  |  10

So I guess both you and your sister are going to be disowned in the future, sounds like a fair trade to get away from that psycho. Don't worry, my dad threw me out of his house over a cup of spilled milk, good riddence.

  kirasant  |  19

Even if he isn't gay, he should bring home a black guy once he's out of the house. Instant end to a foul relationship. Good luck, OP. Remember, just cus you're related to someone, doesn't mean you have to stay around them.