By quickfingers100 - 22/05/2011 09:31 - United Kingdom

Today, my Dad married his fiancée, who insists I call her "mom". I'm three years older than her, and went to the same high school. She's taking me shopping next week to buy me something "nice". FML
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I think your dad has some serious issues...

whatever. She can't control what comes out of your mouth.


whatever. She can't control what comes out of your mouth.

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ohh 138...yeah its called sarcasm...sigh...

They probably bonded a lot in highschool.

something is better then nothing

that's wasn't the point of OPs fml . u got it wrong :/

no, nothing is better when youre older than your mom

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Since you've obviously passed High School. and are probably finished College or in it, I think it's time to move out, time to be a man and leave your Dad

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@80- Your comment makes no sense at all. Your making assumptions that are completely off-topic and have nothing to do with anything. There are so many things wrong with your comment. 1) We do not know whether the poster is a female or male. So your very outdated advice of "manning up" could very well be invalid. Even if they were a male, its still a retarded statement. GO BE A MAN......... RAWR?!? Yeah okay. 2) What's wrong with living with your parents whilst in college if said college is nearby? Its more economical that way. It would save your parents money (rent, bills, etc. for an apartment) and/or allow you not to have to get a job so you can focus more on your studies. In addition to this according to a recent news story I saw: more and more college graduates are moving back in with their parents because they can't find jobs. You can't just move out and be a grown up. 3) No where in this FML does it indicate whether they live with their father. Even if they were living on their own or took your advice of moving out they would still have to deal with the step-mother. Most civilized people keep contact with their parents after they move out. /rantoff

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I thought the original poster was a male, after I had posted I realized my mistake. I honestly don't think it's bad to stay with your parents during your period of college, I was with my parents during my first year. But if this situation is really annoying you, it's time to move on to the next stage of your life. Get an apartment, move into a dorm, finish college, find a job, what have you. And as for your second point, yes, you can be a man and get out there in the world, everyone does, or you can wait, it's not a problem. And I think that visiting your parents is quite different from LIVING with them. No need to rant on me, I was just offering my opinion.

this has got to suck! I'd call her mommy dearest!

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I think your dad has some serious issues...

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Wrong. The dad has Adonis DNA, that's what. He is my hero.

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I totally agree.. he must have money of some sort..

why he have a problem? just because she is younger you probably don't even have anyone

Omg that's awful tell your dad how you feel and kick some ass!

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lol juggalos are so ******* hilarious.

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what's a juggalo? is that the girl your father married that is 3 years younger than you and went to your high school with extremely large ****?

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ew that is creepy.. lol i would just ignore her