By adam - / Saturday 5 December 2015 14:54 / Czech Republic
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  mazor  |  19

You must be 12 of you dont understand that u can "buy a girlfriend". It's a figure of speech but it is used to refer to all goldiggers

  more4me  |  27

#27 Clearly you have no idea so I'll tell you. After you pass a certain age, say 40 , you can truly have fun in life. Ask the elderly and you'll see... some people never stop having fun. It is a myth that as you get older you stop having fun. You just do it differently, that's all.


Who on Earth would sue their own father? No matter how shitty they've been you just don't do that. Besides, his father has already cost him enough money without legal fees on top of it!

  Omfgitsmia  |  15

When I started college at 18, my mom and I had kind of a joint banking account so she could make sure I had money and didn't overdraw my account. I'm guessing OP has the same set up.

By  IridianShadow  |  20

It was probably a package deal or she came along as a free gift after purchase.

  PANDORUM89  |  21

car companies always trying to one up each other. Why go to BMW and get a watch when you can come to Mercedes and get a GF! fine print is where they get you though. GFs take feeding and money... so in the end you pay more than going for the watch and BMW.


Today, I walked up to my sister's car to give her some money I owed her. She refused to open the window and take back the money. After begging her to open the window, a passer-by mistook me for a beggar and gave me some loose change. FML

By Marmarfarfar - / Monday 1 August 2016 17:23 / Canada - Ottawa

Today, my window fell out of the wall, landed on my head, and shattered. I waited 6 hours to get 23 stitches in the emergency room. When I got home, I found a bill. I owe my landlord $130 to replace the window. They won't fix it until I pay up. FML

By dani1104 - / Friday 29 January 2010 08:49 / United States
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